Sunday Igboho Released, Fly to Germany

Sunday Igboho was released after Western diplomats mount pressure on the Benin Republic, fly to Germany

Renowned Yoruba activist, who was arrested in Cotonou, Benin Republic has been released barely 24-hours after his detention.

Sources say Igboho is already on his way to Germany where he is expected to meet his family members following his release.

Igboho’s release is attributed to Western countries involving Britain, Canada, France, Germany, and the United States mounting intense pressure on the Government of Benin Republic not to hand over Chief Sunday Adeyemo, (Igboho) to the Nigerian authorities.

Ambassadors of Western nations reached out to the Benin Republic authorities, asking them not to hand over Chief Adeyemo to the Nigerian government, arguing on a strong suspicion that Igboho will not get justice if returned to his home country.

“We do not think returning Igboho to Nigeria will set standards for the Benin Republic in line with global human rights best practices’ a diplomat said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Leesi Ebenezer Olarewaju, a lawyer based in the United States who is one of those representing Chief Adeyemo, had earlier showed indications that the Benin Republic will not transfer Igboho to Nigeria

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Profile Of Nnamdi Kanu’s Replacement On Radio Biafra, Simon Ekpa.

I have been furnished with the profile of Nnamdi Kanu’s replacement on Radio Biafra, Simon Ekpa.

Simon Ekpa.

Simon Ekpa is a Finland Military Reserve Force personnel and the Chairman of Igbo Union Finland Between 2015-2017 .

He is also a Finnish Politicians and a Former Lecturer at Post Graduate student instructor Department of Law and Criminology Aberystwyth University

Educational Background
Aberystwyth University studied

ABMS Switzerland Obtained his PHD
Doctoral student. Doctor of Philosophy

Advance study on immigration Law

Canyon College

Mr. Simon is an immigration specialist with a vast knowledge and experience in all areas of immigration law He is the CEO of EKPA & Co . He generally caters to our highest priority clients, business leaders and international dignitaries seeking legal advice. He has profound knowledge of all the laws regulating the migration of individuals to countries such as Finland, Australia, Canada and the EU including to the United Kingdom. Besides immigration law, Mr. Simon is also well-versed in family, criminal and civil law.

He Hold the following Political Position currently in Finland

Member of the Transportation Board at the City of Lahti

Member of Board and vice chairman (reserved) for Building / Construction Works and Environment in Lahti Region Finland. Deputy member of the Lahti Construction and Environmental Board.


We Can’t Defeat Terrorists With Old Equipment – Nigeria Defence Chief

Nigeria: We Can’t Defeat Terrorists With Old Equipment – Defence Chief

Kaduna — The Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), General Lucky Irabor, has said that old tools and military might alone cannot defeat asymmetric warfare like banditry, kidnapping and the Boko Haram insurgency.

Speaking at the Regimental Dinner organised in honour of the graduating students of Senior Course 43 of Armed Forces Command and Staff College yesterday, the CDS said the military had resolved to acquire new platforms and capability to address the nation’s security challenges.

He said long-term success against terrorism, insurgency and other internal security challenges required a whole-of-government approach and not just a military solution.

General Irabor noted that the involvement of the military in containing asymmetric security threats in the past few years had highlighted the need to acquire the new operational capability to deal with the emerging threats.

“Accordingly, we are developing new capabilities in intelligence and surveillance, which are critical for staying ahead of terrorists and insurgents and other criminal elements in the society,” he added.

Addressing the graduating students who are in the rank of Major and mid-level commanders, the CDS said: “As you are aware, asymmetric warfare encourages the use of non-traditional military tactics for which our previous training and operational doctrines were not well suited.

“As junior leaders, you must therefore leverage on training and experience in taking timely decisions for your team, especially when under pressure. I therefore enjoin you all to acquaint yourself adequately and keep abreast with the issues that define your operational environment. Such knowledge is needed for you to be effective in command and provide leadership and guidance for your men,” he said.

He assured that steps were being taken by the upper echelon of the military to address threats.


FG Arrested Foreign Nnamdi Kanu But Couldn’t Defeat Local Bandits – Government Ishaku

Governor of Taraba State Darius Ishaku has lamented heightened insecurity in the country, wondering how federal government could capture leader of Indigenous People of Biafra Nnamdi Kanu in foreign country but cannot deal with bandits who are killing citizens across the country.

Mr Ishaku, who appeared on Channels TV on Wednesday night, said bandits have powerful sponsors who are arming them with weapons and it is the work of Nigerians security agencies to unravel them.

“As a governor, I have asked security operatives these questions during our security meetings. One, how are the insurgents surviving, where do they get AK-47, why is it that they are invisible that they are not being caught?” Mr Ishaku asked.

He added that “If there are no answers to this three questions, then you know that there are sponsors. These are brand new AK-47, how will a local man go buy such an expensive weapon. It is all over the place where somebody was confessing that these guns were being provided to them and they were being trained.”

The Taraba governor further said that if Nigerian security agencies could go after Mr Kanu and arrest him abroad, it should not be an impossible task to combat bandits who are killing Nigerians across the country.

“It is the work of the security agencies to get to the root,” Mr Ishaku said. “If they can go outside this country to arrest people who are declaring for independence, why are they not able to defeat those who are killing our own citizens here in the farms?” There is more to it that meets the eye.

Asked what is the way forward to resolving insecurity problems, Mr Ishaku said “If we put our foot down that this problems should be erased in three months, it would go,” adding that Nigeria has brilliant security agencies that could tackle insecurity.


Illegal Abduction Of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu,Kenya Government Has Committed Extraordinary Rendition By Chinonso Igwebuike Mbah.

It is shear ignorance that makes the rat to challenge the cat to a battle,the government of Kenya has proven to be the rat,and from the day they illegally abducted Mazi Nnamdi Kanu,they have set the stage for their own destruction,the volcano angers of Biafrans will soon consume them,that in their next generation they will never toy with the law of extradition rendition.

Nnamdi Kanu

The illegal kidnapped,abduction,torture and dehumanization of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu by Kenya government is an act of extraordinary rendition,it is an extraordinary rendition in the sense that it’s a government sponsored abduction,the government of Kenya illegally kidnapped Mazi Nnamdi Kanu,kept him incommunicado for eight days without extradition rendition,haven negotiated with Nigerian government that place hundred million bound on his head,he was smuggle into Nigeria where he will face high risk of torture or abuse in interrogations,that singular act has proven to humanity that Kenya government has committed extraordinary rendition,the have violated the international law of extradition rendition.

For avoidance of doubt Extraordinary rendition, also called irregular rendition or forced rendition, is a government-sponsored abduction and extrajudicial transfer of a person from one country to another with the purpose of circumventing the former country’s laws on interrogation,detention, extradition and/or torture.

The illegal abduction of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu which was carried out by Kenya and Nigeria government requires the interventions of foreign common wealth of nations,British government whom mazi Nnamdi Kanu belong as a citizen has to intervene and prosecute Kenya and Nigeria government in ICC for breaking the international constitutions that governs the common wealth and committee of nations in U.N,the has to be a high level of international diplomatic foreign sanction against Kenya and Nigeria government for committing extraordinary rendition.

United Nations,ICC and Amnesty International should investigate and persecute Kenya government for violation of extradition rendition,the government of Nigeria must be interrogated,they must explain to the world how mazi Nnamdi Kanu was abducted,this case must be taken serious by United Nations to avoid any occurrence in the future,the likes of President Uhuru Kenyatta and Presidency Muhammad Buhari must be used as an escape goat,this two renowned tyranny are international kidnappers,they are threat to democracy.

The government of Kenya must be persecuted for violation of international constitution that governors common wealth nations,the silence of United Nations and other human rights organizations over this treacherous act is annoying,U.N as a matter of urgent must rise up and protect their constitution,the perpetrators of this international heinous crime must not go scot free,on no account should United Nations and ICC leave any stone unturned.

International human rights organizations around the world should demand for the persecution of Kenya government together with their Nigeria counterpart,justice to white people should be justice to black people,Mazi Nnamdi Kanu deserve nothing but justice from United Nations,they should order for his unconditional release from Nigeria dungeon.






Yoruba Global Council Slams FG: Says Provocative Attack On Igboho Done To Kill Agitation For Yoruba Nation

Yoruba diaspora socio-cultural organization,Yoruba Global Council, (YGC) has condemn in its entirety, the violent attack on the agitation for Yoruba nation frontliner, Chief Sunday Adeyemo Igboho on Thursday morning, describing the attack as provocative, barbaric and deliberate act to suppress the growing agitation for a Yoruba nation.

In a statement issued by its spokesperson, Prof Lere Amusan on Friday, the group said with the DSS revealing it organised the attack under the guise of seeking out stockpiled arms, it may not be out of order to conclude that, considering the desperation with which the attack was staged, Sunday Igboho could as well been killed if found during the operation.

Sunday Adeyemo Igboho Osaaa

Registering that the reason given for the attack by the DSS was not convincing enough, YGC said ”it is baffling that herders who are known to be custodians of illegal arms even with Miyettiallah its leadership known to government, are not accused of stockpiling arms, ”rather it is the peaceful Igboho government consider too dangerous and deserve such unwarranted ,violent sting operation where lives were lost”

Declaring that it is obvious, by the Thursday morning attack that the primary mission of government, in tandem with the greedy politicians in the Southwest is to suppress the growing agitation for the sovereignty of the Yoruba states from the existing country Nigeria, YGC red established its concerns over shrinking civic space, lingering social injustice and the dwindling democratic values in Nigeria.

”The attack on Igboho where lives were lost and many arrested, has exposed the fact that Nigeria is miles away from acceptable democratic norms”, even as it warned on what it said could be the dare consequences of the attack on the fragile peace in the country.

The group, while reaffirming its support for the agitation for a Yoruba nation, stressed that Igboho should not be seen as a threat by any system that is fair, sincere, progressive and democratic.

It also warned that should the provocative attacks continue unchecked, the southwest may become another field for violence like its being witnessed in some other parts of the country, adding that, the world has become so civilised , that it is needless to spill blood before agitating nations are granted sovereignty.

Describing the times as very challenging for the race, the group charged all Yoruba ” sons and daughters to come together at this crucial time, to demonstrate transparent unity that will send the ultimate signal, that securing Yoruba nation sovereignty is not negotiable”


Stay off Lagos, police warn Igboho, Akintoye…‘We won’t allow any rally for now’’

Lagos State Commissioner of Police Hakeem Odumosu has warned that no rally, under whatever guise, will be allowed to hold in the state. He, therefore, warned Sunday Igboho and Banji Akintoye to stay away from the state.

Odumosu, who addressed reporters Thursday, warned the agitators and their followers against staging the planned July 3rd rally as anyone caught participating or facilitating the rally would be dealt with within the ambit of the law.

According to Odumosu, intelligence shows that some disgruntled elements have perfected plans to infiltrate the protesters and cause more mayhem. He added that information had gotten to the knowledge of the command that the organisers’ foot-soldiers and mobilisers have concluded plans to embark on procession on the streets of Lagos as part of programmes for the mega rally.

He said: “It has come to the knowledge of the command that the rally, arranged to hold at Gani Fawehimi Freedom Park in Ojota, Lagos, has been planned by some other yet-to-be identified groups to simultaneously hold at Lekki Toll Gate, Ikoyi, Iyana-Ipaja, Ikeja, Surulere, Ikorodu and other areas. This, if allowed, could be a fatal ground for anarchy.

“Intelligence also reveals that one Elewe-Omo, a transport union leader in Ibadan, Oyo State, has perfected plans to attack organisers of the rally as a reprisal for the death of one of his followers allegedly killed by one of Igboho’s group.

“The cumulative effect of all these is a threat to law and order. The command will not watch and allow disgruntled elements truncate the peace being enjoyed in the state.

“Lagos State cannot afford to experience any security lapses, breakdown of law and order, and threat to public peace at the moment, considering the negative effects and reoccurring agonies of the October 2020 #Endsars crisis that led to massive destruction of public and private facilities, and some police personnel paying the supreme price. This is in addition to many police stations, barracks, officers’ personal properties that were burnt.

“The command is still going through those harrowing experiences, and it will not be cajoled by the so-called organisers that the rally will be peaceful. That was the same slogan adopted by organisers of the #Endsars protest which eventually snowballed into crises with attendant destruction of lives and properties.

“The police will not submit to their antics. Recall that on June 12, there was a rumored stay-at-home order purported to have been issued by a group, which was immediately debunked by the command.

“On this note, the command reaffirms that on no account will any actual or rumored activity, including the said planned mega rally, be allowed to lockdown the state or hinder the people’s daily activities.

“The command hereby appeals to the people, especially Lagosians, to shun the rally, while parents and guardians are urged to discourage their children and wards from participating therein.”

Odumosu urged the people to go about their normal daily activities as the police and other security agencies have put measures in place to provide adequate and water-tight security for all.

Commissioner for Information and Strategy Gbenga Omotoso said the while the government was not against rallies in a democratic setting, the state ‘is not ripe for any rally to take place now’.

He noted that the state is still smarting from the negative impacts of the #EndSARS protests and would not allow any repeat of such tragic incident in the state.

He said: “I implore all those who are organising the rally to please take note that nobody is saying they shouldn’t hold a rally or protest, nobody is saying you shouldn’t march, but the timing is not right.

“Lagos is still feeling the pains of the last October #EndSARS protests that started peacefully and ended in violence, violence on a scale that we have never witnessed before, one that was beyond belief.

“So this is why we have come here today, to let you know that Lagos is not against this rally but, at this point in time, anybody who has the intention to join the rally should shelve it in the interest of the public and the state. The scare of #EndSars is still visible, and we advise the organisers to shelve it because the law will take its course. The government of Lagos is not against rally; we are democrats. People have the right to protest, but we are saying it is not good for us at this time.”


Yes, I Was Inside When They Came, They Killed Two Guys”- Igboho Narrated How His House Was Invaded

Yoruba Nation Agitator, Chief Sunday Adeyemo, popularly known as Sunday Igboho, has revealed how his house was invaded by armed men in the early hours of Thursday.

It was earlier reported that the residence of the activist at Soka, Ibadan, was attacked by gunmen who came in military uniform.

Igboho, who spoke with BBC Pidgin, disclosed that he was inside when everything happened. He revealed that he heard plenty of bullets and gunshots in his compound.

According to the ighoho, he said he peeped through the window and saw men in DSS uniform and soldiers. He added that the attack came as a surprise as he hasn’t killed nor fight anyone.

He stated that all his rallies have been peaceful and he is fighting all the bandits that had killed, raped, kidnapped his family, and demanded a ransom in return. According to him, he said he took up the responsibilities of the government who failed to fight for the right of the citizens.

“Yes, I was in the house when they came. They killed about two guys. The shooting was too much. They destroyed all my properties, all my vehicles.” Sunday Igboho concluded.


Yoruba Nation: Akintoye Hails Lagos Speaker, Obasa, Urges Other Yoruba Elites to Speak Out.

Warns “Any Nigerian Leader who dare to order shooting of Yoruba Self-Determination Activists will have a date with the International Criminal Court”

Says “The journey to Oduduwa Republic is advancing fast, and we already have good reasons to start congratulating ourselves”

Friday June 18th, 2021

A Renowned Historian and leader of the umbrella body of Yoruba Yoruba Self-Determination Movement, Ilana Omo Oodua, Emeritus Professor Banji Akintoye, has hailed the Speaker of Lagos State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Mudashiru Obasa for speaking truth to power, saying his comment warning the Nigerian Government against the use of Force to thwart Yoruba Self-Determination Activists agitating for the emergence of Yoruba Nation from Nigeria has helped to lift and boost his morale.

The 86-year old Ado-Ekiti Born former Senator called on other ruling and non-ruling Elites of Yoruba Descent to emulate Obasa by start speaking truth to power without a dint of fear in defense of Yoruba Land and the emergence of Yoruba Nation, saying “our elites have more to gain in Yoruba Nation than living in fear under the Nigerian government”.

In a statement personal signed by him and made available to Newsmen on Friday by his Communications Manager, Mr. Maxwell Adeleye, Akintoye warned the Nigerian Government against the Use of Force to quench the agitation for self-determination, warning that any Nigerian Leader who dare to order shooting of Yoruba Self-Determination Activists will have a date with the International Criminal Court.

He advised that rather than threatening war against people exercising their fundamental human rights in a peaceful manner, the Nigerian Government should call for dialogue on how to peacefully dissolve the almagamation of 1914 of the Southern and Northern Nigeria so that both regions can continue to collaborate peacefully as Sovereign Countries.

Urging the Yoruba people never to be deterred or intimidated, Akintoye stated that “the journey to Oduduwa Republic is advancing fast, and we already have good reasons to start congratulating ourselves”

The statement reads: “This statement by Rt. Hon. Mudashiru Obasa is about the first forthright statement by any Yoruba highly placed public official on the issue of self-determination. Rt. Hon. Obasa has not only spoken truthfully; he has demonstrated unusual boldness.

“His comment has helped to lift and boost my morale to keep marching like a valiant soldier in the journey to Yoruba redemption. The vast majority of Yoruba people are thanking and praying for Hon. Obasa today for speaking truth to the Nigerian Government.

“We ask all our other public officials, politicians and the Yoruba elite to pick up courage to emulate Hon. Obasa now. It is their sacred duty to their Yoruba people, and they stand to receive great blessings by faithfully doing standing by their people.

“All our elected and bureaucratic public official know what Hon. Obasa has now dare to proclaim – namely, that every nationality in the world has the right of self-determination, that a nationality’s right of self-determination is inalienable, and that, to seek to assert its self-determination, a nationality does not need the permission of the country to which it now belongs.

“The overwhelming màjority of the people of our Yoruba nation have made it absolutely clear that we Yoruba now want to assert our self-determination, sepparate our nation from Nigeria, and go forth to run our own Oduduwa Republic or Yorubaland, a country that will be highly respected in the world for its security, limitlèss opportunities for all our citizens and all law-abiding foreign residents among us, and eminent respect for human life and human dignity – a land of order, law, wealth and prosperity.

“Seeking all these is entirely our right as a people. We have embarked on the journey to our goal, there is no looking back, and nobody can force us to give up.

“Many other nationalities in Nigeria seek to assert their self-determination too, and we have announced our willingness to work with them as co-travellers seeking identical goals. The journey is advancing fast, and we already have good reasons to start congratulating ourselves.

“We need to warn the Nigerian authorities who say they are determined to thwart our quest. You cannot stop us or any of the other nationalities seeking self-determination. When you say you have ordered the Nigerian police and military to be ruthless against us, we advise you to be aware that you might be breaking laws that cal lead you into serious criminal prosections in international criminal courts.

“We Yoruba do not wish such a fate for any of the persons who are until now our co-ctizens. The truth is that you cannot stop any nationality that is presently part of Nigeria from asserting their self- determination.

“The United Nations Constitution, various United Nations conventions, the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, convetions of the African Union, all lay it down that every nationality in the world, large or small, have the inalienable right of self-determination . Nigeria is a signatory to all these laws, and therefore, these laws are all part of Nigerian laws.

“Our ultimate advice to Nigeria is that negotiations be embaked upon now to enable the departures from Nigeria to be be negotiated in peace and in the spirit of brotherliness, so that as different countries, our nations may live as friendly neighbors in all our future. The Nigerian federal government has a duty to humanity to lead us to such negotiation”, he said.


Twitter Must Pay Compensation For the Loss of 37 Police, 5 Soldiers and 57 Civilians During #EndSARS – Lai Mohammed.

Buhari’s government disagreement with Twitter is not abating, as Nigeria is considering asking for compensation from the US based microblogging company.

Alhaji Lai Mohammed said that Twitter’s CEO retweeted some of the #Endsars protest posts and assisted the protesters by raising Bitcoins.
“We have forgotten that EndSARS led to the loss of lives, including 37 policemen, six soldiers, 57 civilians while property worth billions of naira were destroyed.

The notorious Information Minister added that “164 police vehicles and 134 police stations were razed to the ground, 265 private corporate organisation were looted while 243 public property were looted.

“81 warehouses were looted while over 200 brand new buses bought by Lagos State Government were burnt to ashes.’’

“Twitter has become a platform of choice for a particular separatist (Biafra) promoter.

“The promoter (Nnamdi Kanu) consistently used the platform to direct his loyalists to kill Nigerian soldiers and policemen, run-down INEC offices and destroy all symbols of Nigeria’s sovereignty.

Every attempt to persuade Twitter to deny its platform to Nnamdi Kanu was not taken seriously,’’ Lai Mohammed added.

He concluded that these are the reason Twitter was banned and now Nigeria will ask them for compensation.