The Nigerian Government Receives Russia’s COVID-19 Vaccine

The Nigerian Government has received samples of Russia’s COVID-19 vaccine.

Russia’s Ambassador to Nigeria, Alexey Shebarshin, delivered the samples to the Minister of Health, Osagie Ehanire, on Friday in Abuja.

The minister said the vaccine would be referred to the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control as well as the Nigeria Institute of Pharmaceutical Research and Development, amongst other agencies, for review and possible validation.

Russia had in August announced that it had produced the first batch of its COVID-19 vaccine after President Vladimir Putin announced it had been first in the world to approve a vaccine.

Putin said the vaccine was safe and that one of his own daughters had been inoculated, though clinical trials were not yet complete and final stage testing involving more than 2,000 people only started this week.

The Russian vaccine is called “Sputnik V” after the Soviet-era satellite that was first launched into space in 1957.


She left me after I trained her in the university -Nnamdi Ekeh.

Heavy Drama As Ekeh Nnamdi Roll In Mud After His Lover Miss Charity Odunze Rejected His Proposal At Relief Market, Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria. Mr Ekeh who is a bricklayer while speaking with journalists said from his little income that he trained Miss Charity in the university only to be dumped after 5 years.

Ekeh advised men to use their money for gambling than investing it in any woman. Ekeh also stated that Miss Charity was the 3rd woman to treat him in such manner, he concluded that majority of women out there are fraudsters who sees relationship as opportunity to dupe innocent men.

Lord have mercy on ingrate. Sad.


On Risikat, lady with blue eyes, and family by Prof Aisha Ahmed Gobir.

About two weeks ago, we saw a video online about a mother of two who was allegedly abandoned by her husband due to her blue eyes. Her two children have similar blue eyes. In the video, she claims her husband abandoned her because of her blue eyes and because her two children have similar eyes. The story caught my attention as a paediatrician and a mother.

My first reaction was to organise a meeting with husband and wife’s family to educate them. However, I had my doubts about the story. This was mainly due to the fact that Risikat had the said eyes from birth and husband married her with the same. And went ahead to have three children. I started to wonder about the initial story more and more as the husband, Abdulwasiu, was interviewed and he told his own side of the story.

Now, what followed was what I didn’t prepare for. The family were turned into stars with all kinds and shades of people trooping to the poor neighbourhood where she lives with her parents. Politics also came in and we have heard all types of promises from the family and social media.
What’s the real story?

The young family of Abdulwasiu and Risikat suffered from financial shocks that arose from the admission of the twins they had close to two years ago. That was her second birth and the babies were born prematurely. They ended up at the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital neonatal intensive care unit. The family spent all they had and sold practically all they had. Thereafter, one of the twins died. Risikat had difficulties coping with no food and other necessities. She moved back to her parents’ house. Yes, hubby isn’t a saint and his family didn’t do their best for the young couple. However, it was the lack of sustainability that led to the crisis.
From the stories told, I am sure this is obvious.

Both Risikat and her husband are not educated. Risikat (dropped out of doing her WASSCE because of lack of money) had a small patent medicine shop which crumbled during the said admission of the twins. The husband is a vulcaniser and owns a bike. Do you see the family dynamics? There are millions of young families like this in Nigeria without social security. No health insurance and no support for the children too.

I am therefore surprised at the media hype and story line without anyone stopping to ask questions. I suspected some people wanted to gain from the story and exploitation of the naive lady had started in earnest with someone appointing herself as her manager and another, her lawyer. She has suddenly become a big company that needs to be managed. And percentages are already being discussed. Sad!
What the family needs is a means of livelihood. Get a tricycle (Marwa) for the husband and get a patent medicine shop going for the wife. Support them with a little cash and foodstuff. If assisting them with accommodation is on the table, do so in an area they can sustain in the next two or three years.

Some of the most absurd things I have heard in the saga is that the children will be placed in a highbrow school where hundreds of thousands will be spent. By who and for what purpose? Even I won’t send my grandchildren to such schools! Help the family put the children in a school they can go on paying themselves in the next two years. Don’t create a false status in the family and throw them into disarray.
Assist them realistically and in a way that is sustainable. Don’t widen the rift in the family by pulling the lady further from her husband. Talks about relocation to Lagos to model smack of attempts to explore, expose, use and gain from the lady. At the end, she is dumped!

Can you locate the lady and her children? Ordinary people. Let them go on with a better life in peace. Instead of running to each case that’s hyped in the media, my prayer is that government becomes more responsible towards providing basic education, universal health coverage, good housing, potable water and social safety nets for its citizens. This is not about Kwara State alone but Nigeria as a nation. Our citizens deserve better deals.

Prof Aisha Ahmed Gobir is a Paediatric Consultant at the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital.


Oreofeoluwa the mummy calm down boy becomes estate Ambassador in Abuja.

Fortunes have come the way of Oreofeoluwa Lawal-Babalola, a young boy who went viral in a recent video begging his mother to Calm Down and rest a little, when mother tried to whip him.

This is just as an Abuja-based real estate outfit, T Pumpy Concept Limited has signed the young boy as one of its brand ambassadors, NIGERIA DEFENDER reports.

The 4-year-old kid became a social media sensation after a video of him trying to convince the mum from punishing him in a dramatic way him went viral online.

Oreofeoluwa signed a two-year contract with the real estate company on Saturday at its corporate headquarters in Abuja.

Speaking shortly before the contract was signed, the MD/CEO of T Pumpy Concept Limited, Mr. Akintayo Adaralegbe, said he was moved by the boy’s courage and boldness during the conversation with his mum in the viral video.

He described his action as smart, intelligent and resilient.

“While many people only watched and laughed over the 3-minute-18-second footage I learnt a lot from it.

“He’s courageous, bold and innovative. It reminds us that as a people, no matter the situation, we should learn to CALM DOWN!

“We decided to bring him on board because of his courage, tenacity and power to negotiate, which are some of the things what T Pumpy stands for.

“On behalf of the staff and management of T Pumpy Concept Limited, I welcome Master Oreofeoluwa to this family.”

Speaking shortly after signing the contract on behalf of the young man, his mother, Mrs. Lawal-Babalola, thanked T Pumpy for reaching out to the son.

She promised to do everything within her power to make sure the young man attains his dreams.

When asked to comment on his new endorsement, a visibly-elated Oreofeoluwa said “before you buy any land in Abuja, calm down and come to T Pumpy Estate, the developer that cares and your future is assured.”

T Pumpy also signed Ibadan-based comedy merchant, Ayo Ajewole, famously known as Woli Agba and Kannywood actress, Nafisa Abdullahi as its brand ambassadors.

Meanwhile, T Pumpy also parades other top entertainers such as Nollywood actors, Femi Adebayo, Tayo Odueke AKA Sikira Sindodo, singer Sule Alao Malaika, Keji and Osundare Damilare also known as Asiri comedy.

The T-Pumpy Concept team has decades of providing industry-acclaimed off-site home designs and constructions with housing estates spread across Lugbe, Guzape, Karasana, kyami, Life Camp, Jabi, Wawa and Kuje.

Whether you’re interested in a manufactured home or an innovative modular design, the T-Pumpy Concept team continues to deliver what home buyers are looking for in their new homes along with the quality construction they expect and deserve.


Popular Restaurant Owner Iyabo Onigbin Is dead.

Owner of popular down town restaurant, Iyabo Popoola known is Nigeria social circle as Iyabo Onigbin is dead.

Iyabo a very popular socialite and caterer in the late 90s till early years and post millennium held sway as the most frequent joint by most Yoruba artists when they visit London.

Rest In Peace Iyabo Popoola

Iyabo Onigbin Restaurant, located 201 Lewisham Way, London SE 1UY played host to top Fuji and Juju musicians and politicians on short visit to London.

Her hubby died about a year ago while sources disclosed to Newsmen that she has been battling an undisclosed illness for a while.

She has sold her business interest years back due to bad health condition including eye issues.

Iyabo Popoola

May her soul continue to rest in peace and may Iyabo find peace with her maker, Amen.


A pastor in Nigeria impregnated two sisters.

Pastor Nduka Anyanwu

Nduka Anyanwu who claims to be a pastor has allegedly raped and impregnated two sisters aged 17 and 13 years and has said he wants the older girl to keep the pregnancy because he wants to marry her but that the younger one should abort her own pregnancy as sexually defiling her was a mistake which he regretted even though he has had carnal knowledge of her uncountable times.

The wicked pastor who claims he is a minister from the Lord’s Chosen Church , Canaan land branch, Oshodi has been sexually defiling the younger girl since she was 9 years old and the older girl since she was 16 years under the pretext that she had a spiritual mark on her body that repels good things and the only way to remove the mark was to have carnal knowledge of her. She refused vehemently and reported to her parents who insisted that she must accept.

Drama however ensued when a team of advocates from Stop The Abuse Foundation and Child Advocates and Vulnerable Person’s Network tried to get him arrested with the help of policemen from Makinde Police Station,Oshodi. The parents of the survivors adamantly refused the arrest of the abuser because he is a man of God and has already promised to marry their older daughter. He was eventually arrested by the determined police officers who refused to be compromised. Thanks to the DPO of Makinde Police Station and his able and gallant police officers.


You can participate in a crime without knowing, please be careful.

Three men visited a car stand. They asked for the pricing of a 2013 Toyota camry and the seller told them the price (say 5 million naira).

They asked him for his account details and after 2 days, they transferred 3 million naira into his account.

Immediately after the transfer, they came to him and told him they are sorry but they couldn’t complete the cash; so the car dealer should give them 2 million -five hundred thousand naira and keep the other five hundred thousand naira on it as fees for inconvenience on his part. The car dealer happily did that and was happy he got 500k as fees for doing almost nothing.

Fast forward to 3 days time, he had his car stand invaded by F-SARS and anti kidnapping squads. They asked if he was the owner of the account and Nabbed him immediately He admitted to ownership of the account; then it dawned in him what was really happening.

The guys were kidnappers and they used his account to recieve kidnap ransom making him culpable in the offence. He paid them cash with no trace and they made It look like the 500k was his own share of the loot! Now he is in very deep trouble but it could have been avoided.

That’s it people, stay safe and be very careful. Don’t go looking for quick cash or commissions without doing your DD. Let wisdom guide you always and don’t be greedy!

I’d be grateful if members of the public can rebroadcast this message so people can learn this latest format from the men of the underworld.


Shoprite begins process to leave Nigeria.

Shoprite, Africa’s largest food retailer, is planning to exit the Nigerian market after posting continuous losses from its operations in the west African country.

In a trading update filed at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) on Monday morning, the retail giant said it was planning to discontinue its operations in Nigeria.

“Following approaches from various potential investors, and in line with our re-evaluation of the Group’s operating model in Nigeria, the Board has decided to initiate a formal process to consider the potential sale of all, or a majority stake, in Retail Supermarkets Nigeria Limited, a subsidiary of Shoprite International Limited,” the update read.

“As such, Retail Supermarkets Nigeria Limited may be classified as a discontinued operation when Shoprite reports its results for the year. Any further updates will be provided to the market at the appropriate time.”

Shoprite launched in Nigeria nearly 15 years ago, opening its first store in Lagos in December 2005.

That chain has grown from one to more than 25 retail stores across Nigeria — including some of the biggest retail stores in west Africa.


A Nigerian man Barrister Edirin Okoloko has been sworn in as a judge of the Snohomish County Superior Court in Washington DC, U.S.A.

A Nigerian from Delta state, Barrister Edirin O. Okoloko, has been sworn in as a judge of the Snohomish County Superior Court in Washington DC, U.S.A.

Okoloko will replace Judge George Bowden who is retiring.

Okoloko bagged his Bachelor of Law from the University of Benin in Nigeria. He also received a law degree from the Seattle University School of Law, and has worked for the past 13 years in the Snohomish County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, where he is a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney working on homicide, sexual assault, child abuse, and elder abuse cases.

Edirin O. Okoloko

Before working as a prosecutor, Okoloko served as a judicial law clerk for former Snohomish County Superior Court Judge Michael Downes.