Nigerians must know this by Atiku Abubaka.

Nigerians must know this!

Every Nigerian life matters. Any system or institution that has no value for human life’s is irrelevant. To every Nigerians out there who lost dear ones as a result of #EndSARS police brutality, as well as those who were injured and also lost their life’s during a peaceful protest while expressing their pains and displeasure in governance as a civil liberty of every citizens in Nigeria.

On the present situations of our country and the lives we live as a community and people. Accept my profound and heartfelt sympathies for your losses. A season such as this only offers opportunity for sober reflection on the part of leaders and the led.

As we all condemn in the strongest terms the callous, wanton and brutality on citizens by #EndSARS towards citizens as seen on videos all over the media space.

We all believe that there is no cause that could justify the torture and torment of innocent protesters, protesting for the betterment of our democracy.

What we are witnessing today, should not lead to retaliatory actions in which more and more innocent citizens will suffer. Also It should not lead to the erosion of confidence in our society and government, setting the stage for anarchy.

This is precisely the time for our support for Nigerian youths to be at its strongest without any delay.

We call on every youths without bias for religion or ethnicity to be good, kind and supportive of one another in this very difficult time irrespective of our jobs, our service in government position as force or military personal e.t.c it doesn’t matter, be your brothers and sisters keeper as one Nigerians with one mother.

We must urge ourselves for greater respect and love for each other for the sanctity of life and differences in culture and religion.

However, those who emerged as leaders in this great Nation should be fully obliged to account for their stewardship to every human life’s in this great country knowing fully well that they can be put out of office if they have failed.


Good looted from warehouse is poisonous- Governor of Ekiti state

The state government appealed to the people not to consume the foods.

Ekiti State government, raised an alarm on Saturday that huge quantities of poisonous items, mistaken for food yet to be distributed as Covid-19 palliatives, were looted in warehouses in Ado-Ekiti on Friday.

Commissioner for Information and Civic Orientation, Mr Akin Omole, said in a statement in Ado Ekiti that raising the alarm became expedient to forestall any harm that could befall anyone who consumed the items.

Also reportedly looted was the office of the Agricultural Development Programme (ADP) in Ado Ekiti.

“Information at our disposal revealed that the Federal Government’s silos, the ADP warehouse and the State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) stores, all in Ado- Ekiti, were attacked by hoodlums under the guise of seeking Covid-19 palliatives.

“We insist that Ekiti state currently has no Covid-19 palliative warehouse as all the palliatives had been distributed.

“Unfortunately, the items carted away were Single Super Phosphate and NPK fertilisers, which they erroneously thought was “Garri’’, cassava grains.
“The SEMA store too has only emergency supplies for disaster response.

“Some people even made away with pre-fermented corns preserved for planting. All these items are poisonous and not fit for consumption.

“We, therefore, appeal to our people not to consume these items because they can kill,’’ Omole warned.
In a similar statement, Dr Olabode Adetoyi, the Commissioner for Agriculture and Food Security, confirmed the looting, warning that most of the items carted away contained chemically-treated seeds meant for planting.


Covid-19 palliatives looted from my house were to be distributed on my birthday – Lagos law maker SOB Agunbiade.

Covid-19 palliatives looted from my house were to be distributed on my birthday – SOB Agunbiade, Lagos lawmaker

To God be the glory that the violent attack on my house on Friday 23rd October, and the massive destruction of everything therein did not record any fatalities.

I got intelligence reports of the plan to exterminate me early enough, but I took it as unfounded rumours. More so, I was not ready to have security operatives around lest lives be lost. I trusted in God’s plan for my life.

But to those that masterminded and sponsored the carnage for nothing other than political vendetta, I say ‘thank you.’ We know ourselves in Ikorodu, but God reigns supreme. God will repay every hands involved in the attack in appropriate proportion.

I am happy to be alive to witness the 2020 anniversary of my birthday on Sunday 25th October. The plan of detractors to delete me before my birthday has failed. To God be the glory.

Let it be noted that at the peak of COVID-19 pandemic, I personally distributed palliatives to my constituents more than three (3) times at my personal expense and recently, my team also shared palliatives to very indigent residents of Ikorodu. All these and many more of efforts aimed at taking care of my constituents are public knowledge as we have a way of ensuring open nomination of beneficiaries.

And for my birthday on 25th October 2020, I have sent out, through my Media Team, notice of my intention to give support to 50 widows who have already been nominated by different groups in a programme christened Widows Mite for Widows and also distribute to some vulnerable and indigent individuals across the three local councils of my constituency, some palliative materials donated by the state and federal governments, as well as myself. Those are the materials stolen from my house yesterday. Alhamdullilah.

My service to Ikorodu since my teenage years up to this present time is already treasured by posterity and remain immutable. God knows I do not deserve the treatment meted on me by the perpetrators of this politically motivated attack and their sponsors, but I seek solace in God.

It is a truism that no one will attack the property of a mad man, but people of reckoning always suffer vilification. The barbaric event of Friday is though shocking but like a dolphin which is happy even in the middle of giant waves and horrible storm, I am stable and my faith in the mercy and grace of God is very fat.

For certain the looters are not #Endsars protesters because the youth in Ikorodu engaged in very peaceful and well coordinated protest. The perpetrators of the attack on my house are group of assailants on a mission targeted at my life. They stole my certificates and travelling passports of my family. They emptied my wardrobe and that of my wife and went with other valuables…pure broad day robbery! But we thank God.

Nigerian politics is indeed very profitable! Ikorodu you have done well for me, I thank you.

For all of these, I thank God for the preservation of lives. I thank God for his infinite mercies and grace.

SOB will not go down, no matter how much they try because God is my armour. Whatever the situation, Ise Oluwa n tesiwaju insha Allah!

Sanai ‘S.O.B’ Agunbiade is the Majority Leader of the Lagos State House of Assembly. He represents Ikorodu Constituency 1.


“Return ‘Oba Of Lagos’ Staff Of Office Or Face The Consequences” – Akinshemoyin Ruling House Warns

Thugs who made away with the Oba of Lagos’ Staff of Office on Wednesday, October 21 have been warned by the Akinshemoyin Ruling house of Lagos Island to return it or face the consequences thereafter.

In a recently released statement jointly signed by Prince Salami-Abisako and Prince Adeyemi Sarumi, the Akinshemoyin Ruling house of Lagos vehemently condemned the disruption of the peaceful #EndSARS protest by hoodlums.

Staff of Oba Akinolu place on sale online for ten million naira

According to them, the actions by the thugs in causing unrest such as the carting away of Oba is an abomination and sacrilegious.

Their statement read,

“Though we are in total support of the peaceful protest of the Nigerian youths tagged: #EndSARS #EndPoliceBrutality, we, Lagosians condemn with all sense of responsibility the gruesome murder of Nigerians, the hijack of the peaceful protest by hoodlums, destruction of public infrastructural facilities and property across the nation.

We also condemn the looting of our trad itional and ancestral heritage as it relates to the Oba of Lagos Palace; especially the carting away of the staff of office. We will not allow miscreants to destroy our Lagos ‘Onilu Onije Otu’.

“The acts of these elements are sacrilegious, taboo and abomination to the Yoruba race. These nefarious misfits’ conducts could lead to mayhem in the land if not timely checked and tranquility restored.

“We hereby call on the paramount Apena of Oshugbo, Opa, Akala and other traditional heads and custodians to immediately secure the Oba’s palace from further attack(s) in order to save the face of our traditional stool.

“The royal house, however, called for the return of the stolen staff of authority to be deposited at the Apena of Lagos within 24 hours or the deviants will face the consequences of their action. A word is enough for the wise.”


We Are Owners of Oriental Hotel, Lagos, Not Tinubu” …WEMPCO Group condemns attack on property

Western Metal Products Company (WEMPCO) Group, owners of Lagos Oriental Hotel, has denied insinuations in some quarters that it is owned by the national leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

In a statement by Taiwo Alli, Executive Director Corporate Affairs, Wempco Group the hotel’s management said: “Western Metal Products Company (WEMPCO) Group, owners of Lagos Oriental Hotel, formally acknowledge that there was an attack on our property on October 20, 2020, when hoodlums armed with guns, knives and bottles, forcefully gained entrance to our facility, assaulted some of our security personnel and damaged properties.

“Unidentified individuals whose motives remain unknown to us have gone to town with a rather unfortunate narrative claiming that the Lagos Oriental Hotel is the investment of politicians, thereby exposing it to unwarranted attacks.

“Lagos Oriental Hotel is owned by the WEMPCO Group with 99percent shareholding. The WEMPCO Group of Companies was founded by businessman and entrepreneur Mr. K.F. Tung over fifty (50) years ago.

“The Lagos Oriental Hotel is a flagship in the Nigerian hospitality business but is not a flagship of the WEMPCO Group. It is an investment made by the Group in 2008, but not part of their core manufacturing business.

“At present, WEMPCO Group provides jobs for over 25,000 young Nigerians, affording them the opportunity to earn a living and gain useful experience. It is therefore unfortunate the attempt to disrupt our business and tarnish our image painstakingly built over the years.

“Speaking on the development, the Managing Director, Mr. Lawrence Tung noted that ‘like other responsible businesses operating in Nigeria, Lagos Oriental Hotel is hopeful that closure will be brought to cases of injustice identified in the country. It is however important to protect our businesses from unwarranted attacks by individuals who may not be aware of the facts around our existence.

‘We are fully cooperating with the authorities in their investigations into the remote and immediate causes of the incident that occurred on 20, October 2020 and assure our numerous clients and partners that we are working to ensure that normalcy returns to the hotel.”


Ooni of Ile Ife Oba Enitan Adeyeye Ogunwusi speaks on the killing of #Endsars unharmed protesters

The sad event that happened yesterday at the Lekki Toll gate in Lagos where armed soldiers were alleged to have killed unarmed young protesters is highly disheartening, regrettable and condemnable.

Ooni of Ile Ife Oba Enitan Adeyeye Ogunwusi

Our political leadership must immediately investigate the circumstances that led to the avoidable confrontation and consequent loss of lives with a view to swiftly fishing out the unlawful attackers who must be made to face the full wrath of the law.

Our children are on the streets with the spirit of patriotism because they believe in the future of Nigeria and that our system is flexible enough to adapt to changes for better performance.

We need to manage the process of listening to them and working with them to jointly arrive at the new Nigeria of our collective dreams.

Their generation was nurtured with the values of efficiency, transparency, accountability and value chains. These are the noble values they seek to inject into our polity so that our country can realise its potential as a world power.

It is time to calm down and allow traditional rulers, as fathers of the nation to lead the way to peace and restoration of trust. We must find amicable solutions even though this attack has regrettably eroded the trust needed to establish dialogue and ensure a civic process for resolving the crises. We must not be tired.

Patience and dialogue is needed to bring both parties to the table to set timelines for the implementation of the demands of the movement. This is imperative.

I call upon the government at all levels to demonstrate urgency and responsiveness by immediately acting on the yearnings of these patriotic Nigerians in order to facilitate a just and peaceful resolution of all the challenges confronting our country.


Read last message from a fallen unharmed peaceful Nigerian protester

Tell my mother I was unarmed.

Tell my father I had the flag in my hands when I was shot.

Tell the unborn Generation that I died singing the national anthem.

Tell the cowards who shot me that my spirit lives on in the life of every good Nigerian youth.

Tell the goverment that they shot my body but not my spirit.

Tell the world I died for freedom like many good people before me.

I regret nothing, for I have done what my father’s, mother’s, uncle’s and aunt’s couldn’t do out of fear. Let God judge me, I am only sorry for the pain of leaving you this early.

My prints will forever remain in the sands of history for I have done my time based on the path I chose freely and willingly.

Now that my torment in Nigeria is over, please lay me to rest on mother earth where you all will join me in due time, take my voice and hand it over to the next good youth whom I hope by Gods Almighty grace will benefit a better Nation.

For I know that freedom is coming, yes freedom will come tomorrow.

Good bye…


He who fights and takes a break, lives to fight another day- Charles Oputa(AKA Charlly boy).

My Gallant Youths,

I am not surprised that the same people who should be protecting us are the ones sending their fellow riffraffs to kill us.

Sometimes in life, we need to pause, re-strategize and relaunch. We don do testing the mic, let’s take a break put heads together and come back in full force. He who fights and takes a break, lives to fight another day.

I already know that we have a big fight in our hands, bcos we are fighting against demons who have no respect for our lives and our future.

Beloved, success is not Final,
Failure is not Fatal. It’s the courage to continue that counts.

Una well done.


Some celebrities have collected 50 million Naira each to stop #EndSars protest”- Nollywood Actor If He Naduagwu

The popular controversial Nollywood actor Uche Maduagwu has recently revealed that some celebrities have collected N50,000,000 each to stop the #EndSARS protest. He revealed this few minutes ago via his official Instagram page.

The actor said this in a video which he posted on his Instagram page. He also attached a note to the video. The note read, “Some celebrities have collected 50 million Naira each to stop #EndSars protest”.

See a screenshot below.

Nollywood and the music industry is a mess, vibrant youths are protesting under the sun and rain to #EndSars and #EndSWAT but some celebrities are holding private meetings with politicians and capitalist to stop #SARSMUSTEND protest in Lagos, Abuja and other major cities in Naija.God will expose you all, is endsarsnow for sale?”.

Those were the words of the actor. I really don’t know what to say on this, however, feel free share your views on this by commenting below.


The youths have a right to express their displeasure and pains- Bishop Oyedepo.

Bishop David Oyedepo of Living Faith Church Worldwide, has joined the call for an end to the Special Anti-Robbery Squad.
Oyedepo, who spoke on Sunday at Canaan land, said that the youths have a right to express their displeasure and pains.

The cleric said he was silent over the protest because he warned Nigerians in 2015 but was humiliated.

He said “We have been having spades of protests across the nation, Every man has a right, legitimately so to express their displeasure and pain, everybody does. Amen

“I kept quiet for a while because in 2015 I warned this nation vehemently consistently because I saw the danger ahead and you can tell. the most gruesome season in the history of this nation is the last 5 years, where lives have no value, quantum killing, now they have face the youth, and because they don’t know who is next, they have a right to say enough is enough.
“Any system that has no value for human-right is irrelevant, if they were killed when they were youths will they be where they are today? and now it would be a sacrilege to shoot the protesters who are not looting, who are not ravaging.
“When you push a goat to the wall then you will know that goats have teeth to bite.

“It is a sacrilege to kill youths during a protest, this protest is legitimate,” he added.