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BLASPHEMY: I’ve Read The Quran Cover to Cover No Where Justify Killings — Pastor Tunde Bakare Reveals

Deborah Samuel, a 200-level student of Shehu Shagari College of Education, Sokoto, was slain over supposed blasphemy, according to Pastor Tunde Bakare of the Citadel Global Community Church.

The APC presidential candidate declared in a statement Monday that the Qur’an does not justify killing.

The message was headlined, “Tunde Bakare condemns the killing of Deborah Samuel, urges for togetherness.”

The clergyman appealed for national unity and respect.

He remarked, “I was deeply distressed to hear about Deborah Samuel’s murder at Shehu Shagari College of Education in Sokoto State. No Nigerian or person should be treated inhumanely.

“As a nation of many peoples and cultures, there are institutional channels for resolving delicate problems, and no one has the authority to take the law into their own hands. “

“As a faithful Muslim who read the Qur’an cover to cover, what was done to Deborah Samuel is nowhere justified in the religion of peace as my grandpa, the first Chief Imam of Iporo Sodeke Mosque in Abeokuta, taught me. I’m sorry for your loss, and I pray that God gives you and your family the strength to face it. “

“When I heard of the unrest in Sokoto after the arrest of some involved in the act, I called Bishop Matthew Kukah to make sure he was safe. He assured me that, contrary to rumours, his residence and cathedral were not set on fire. He also said that Governor Aminu Tambuwal of Sokoto State acted quickly and sent security men to his apartment and church to prevent a mob attack. “

“This is good, and I expect that state institutions will be fully deployed to restore peace and order, ensure justice is done, and address the underlying issues this sad occurrence has once again raised.

“I also appeal to the good people of Sokoto State to remember their tolerance and friendliness. I grew up in Sokoto. My father was enthusiastically welcomed in Sokoto State in the 1950s when he travelled from Abeokuta to sell kola nuts.

“My father settled in Sokoto and invested in cotton farms in Shagari Village because of the people’s hospitality. My friendly Sokoto folks nicknamed my Yoruba father “Sanni Arewa.” Unity and tolerance should be our national identity.

“Deborah Samuel’s murder is a wake-up call for us to reflect on our humanity and reject brutality. We must put aside our religious, ethnic, and political divisions and say, “Never again should this happen to a Nigerian.”


2023: To Create A Country That Works Is My Target – Osinbajo

Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo has said Nigerians must create a country that works for us all.

Speaking when he was formally honoured with the award for Leadership Person of the Year 2021 at the Leadership Newspapers’ Annual Conference and Awards ceremony which held at the International Conference Centre (ICC), in Abuja, Osinbajo said a peaceful and secure society founded on law and order and the rule of law is desirable.

Speaking after receiving the award, the Vice President noted that we must also create a country that can provide, “by means of an effective social welfare scheme, a safety net for the very poor and the vulnerable; a united and tolerant nation where all, irrespective of ethnicity, religion or political persuasion, are respected, treated fairly and justly, and have equal access to all opportunities.”

“We must build a Nigeria where a boy or girl does not say that, ‘I am from the South-West, or I am from the North-West, or South-South or North-East, or North-Central or South-East, but that I am a Nigerian, a citizen of one of the greatest and most prosperous nations on earth.”

“This is the kind of Nigeria that those of us in this political tendency, to which Sam Nda-Isaiah belonged, all attest to and believe,” he said.


Fuel Tanker Explodes In Delta, 13 Persons Rescued

A fuel tanker exploded on Sunday night, May 15 along Ibusa road in Asaba, Delta State.

HGS Media Plus gathered that 13 persons were rescued after the tanker exploded.

The explosion was said to have occurred after a Toyota Sienna and a Hilux collided near the broken down petrol tanker under repair.

It was learnt that the Toyota Sienna and the Hilux collision was due to over speeding.

Fire fighters was said to have battled the fire into the next morning which caused gridlock on the road due to it’s intensi


Blasphemy: Deborah Samuel’s parents break silence, make shocking revelations

Recall that the remains of Deborah were laid to rest in her hometown, Tungan Magajiya in Rijau Local Government Area of Niger State Saturday evening.

She was stoned to death and set ablaze on Thursday by her fellow students for allegedly making a blasphemous statement on a WhatsApp group against Prophet Mohammed.

Reacting to the death of their daughter, the bereaved parents said they have nothing to say or do regarding the loss of their child, but have decided to leave everything in the hands of God.

Speaking with the father, Mr. Emmanuel Garba, a security personnel with the Niger State Water Works Cooperation at Tungan-Magajiya said, “we can’t say or do anything, except to take it easy as an act of God. We have left all to God, we have decided to take it like that”.

On who brought back the body of his deceased daughter from Sokoto State, the father explained that he personally went and brought back her remains to be buried.

“I personally went and brought back the body of my daughter to enable me to bury my own child. This is because keeping her in the morgue will not return her back.

“When I got there, I met government officials and made them understand the need to allow me take her back home and they agreed with me. When we got to the morgue, those in charge asked me to sign the necessary documents and I did. They released the corpse to me.”

On who paid for the transportation, Garba, “I personally, paid the sum of N120,000 to the driver out of many that refused to convey her back home and it is because of the condition of the remains. Most drivers we approached all refused except one.”

Confirming the call by the Sokoto State Government that the body of his daughter should not be returned home, the father of the deceased stated, “the government wanted me to leave the remains, when they called me, I said no, they should allow me to please, bury my daughter.”

Also, the mother, Mrs. Alheri Emmanuel, told our reporter that Deborah was the second of the seven children, adding that it’s so sad to have lost her at such a young age, whom they were relying on to help support them in the future.

On her medical condition, the mother of the deceased explained that she is stable now and discharged from the hospital, where she was admitted upon hearing the news of the gruesome murder of her daughter.

Amid tears, Mrs. Alheri stated,”I have nothing to say, I am grateful to God and for your efforts. I have given God my heart and may God strengthen me. We have nothing to say.

“Because of what happened to me, I will no longer send my children to schools where so much money is involved. Because of her education, the education of some of her siblings suffered as it is so difficult to care for them all at the same time. And, now things are difficult for us”.

Also, her elder brother, Nakaka Garba, when asked for his reaction, he simply stated, “I have nothing to say, we are pained by what happened, but we have left all to God.”

On why their daughter answered Deborah ‘Samuel’ instead of ‘Garba’, the father further added, “she has been living with my brother since she was in primary school and had been using the name”.


NASFAT Calls For Arrest, Prosecution Of Deborah’s Killers

Abdul-Azeez Onike, the Chief Missioner, Nasrul-Lahi-l-Fatih (NASFAT), has urged law enforcement agents to investigate and arrest everyone of the Muslim fanatics involved in the killing of Deborah Samuel.

Mr Onike made the plea in a statement on Friday, while reacting to the killing of Ms Samuel, a student of the Shehu Shagari College of Education, Wamako, Sokoto.

Ms Samuel, a student of Shehu Shagari College Education, Sokoto, was reportedly killed on Thursday by Muslim extremists for allegedly making blasphemous statements against Islam’s Prophet Muhammad.

“I urge the law enforcement agents to do a thorough investigation, arrest all culprits and speedily bring justice to bear,” Mr Onike said, adding that “extra-judicial punishment is alien to Islam and unacceptable in Islam”.

The NASFAT chief missioner advised against reprisal attack and unnecessary maligning of a particular tribe or religion, for fear that jungle justice was “fast becoming rampant in our country”.

He said: “To understand the anathema of the sad incident of extra-judicial punishment meted out to a lady in Sokoto recently, which resulted in her death, let us look at the following narration which depicts and represents the expected reaction of any follower of our Noble Prophet Muhammad (saws):

“Anas Malik reported: While we were in the mosque with Allah’s Messenger, a desert Arab came and stood up and began to urinate in the Mosque.

“The Companions of Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) said: Stop, stop, but the Messenger of Allah said: Don’t interrupt him; leave him alone.

“They left him alone, and when he finished urinating, Allah’s Messenger called him and said to him: These Mosques are not the places meant for urine and filth, but are only for the remembrance of Allah.

“It is a place for prayer and the recitation of the Qur’an, the Holy Prophet then gave orders to one of the people who brought a bucket of water and poured it over.

“Can you imagine what would be the reactions of some people, if they see someone ignorantly or deliberately urinating inside a Mosque?,” he queried.


Deborah: Muslims Have Red Line That Must Not Be Crossed – The Imam of National Mosque Abuja

The Imam of National Mosque Abuja, Ibrahim Maqari, says Muslims have some red lines which must not be crossed especially as regards the dignity of the Prophet.

The Imam said this at a time when a Christian female student Deborah Samuel was burnt to death by a mob for blasphemy in Sokoto state.

Imam Maqari hinted consequences awaited those who crossed the religion’s red lines.

He noted that if grievances are not properly addressed no one should be criticised for addressing them individually.

A statement posted on the Imam’s Twitter account. read: “It should be known to everyone that we the Muslims have some red lines beyond which MUST NOT be crossed. The dignity of the Prophet (PBUH) is at the forefront of the red lines.

“If our grievances are not properly addressed, then you should not be criticized for addressing them ourselves.”

Meanwhile, Governor Aminu Tambuwal has ordered students to vacate the school till further notice.

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Quran tells us to ignore Blasphemy because in Islamic law, there is no punishment for blasphemy – Engineer Mohammed Alhassan Yunusa

“And when you see those who engage in making fun of Our revelations (Blasphemy), stay away from them till they turn to another topic. And if Satan causes you to forget, then after the remembrance sit not you in the company of those people who are the Zâlimûn (polytheists and wrong-doers).

Quran (6:68)

From the above verse, the stance of present-day Muslims goes totally against the teachings of the Quran. Whenever anyone in their judgment commits an act of ‘abuse of the Prophet in speech or in writing, they instantly demand that all those who insult the Prophet be beheaded.

This verse of the Quran makes it plain that it is not the task of the Muslims to establish “media watch” offices and hunt for anyone involved in acts of defamation of the Prophet, and then plan for their killing as in the case of what happened in Sokoto.

Muslims are advised instead to retort with reciting Durud, salutations of peace, on the Holy Prophet.

What those students did in Sokoto is an abomination of every etiquette in Islam of being courteous, patient and knowledgeable in the face of people who may hate, or are uneducated against Islam.

The Blasphemy Law is against the Quran and Sunnah, it does not serve Islam but instead drives people away from Islam when in reality a person like the Holy prophet attracted people to Islam by doing good deeds instead.


Government Ordered The Immediate Closure Of Shagari College of Education (SSCOE) Sokoto, Over The Killing Deborah For Blasphemy

A mob on Thursday killed a female student identified as Deborah over alleged blasphemy at the Shehu Shagari College of Education (SSCOE) Sokoto.
Deborah, who was killed in the premises of the College, was accused of insulting Prophet Muhammad (SAW), during a hot argument with fellow students.

Commissioner of Information, Isah Bajini Galadanchi, told reporters the State Government has ordered security agencies to investigate the incident to ascertain its remote causes.

The deceased was said to have lived with her parents in Old Airport Road area of Sokoto metropolis.

The Government also ordered immediate closure of the college.
A statement by the Commissioner reads: “It has come to the notice of Sokoto State Government, the unfortunate incident that took place at the Shehu Shagari College of Education (SSCOE) Sokoto in which a Student of the College, lost her life.
“The Government has ordered the immediate closure of the College.


Why I married Mercy Aigbe – Kazim Adeoti opens up

Mercy Aigbe’s husband, Kazim Adeoti on Tuesday cleared the air on recent developments with his marital status admitting that his first wife Funsho Adeoti, contributed to the furnishing of the house which Mercy flaunted on social media.According to Kazim, Funsho bought some furnishing materials and part of the money which he has refunded.

He further said that his second wife Mercy had also added some furnishing to the house as well.Saying that there is nothing bad in a husband and wife building a house together but in his case, he built the house all by himself.You would recall that Funsho Adeoti in her latest post, slammed the new couple for turning the house she built into their love nest.she said

:“Mercy it’s the AUDACITY FOR ME, LIKE, SERIOUSLY…like I told you, you can have him, keep him do whatever the h-ll you want with him, BUT one thing I will NOT LET GO OF is my SWEAT, WHAT I WORKED HARD FOR.”“LITTLE girl you’ve gat some nerve 🙄 how dear u think it’s okay showing off what I worked hard for on a daily basis and think I would be ok with it… Kazim TAME YOUR D*G… I WARNED YOU. WAY TOO MANY TIMES. KAZIM AM COMING TO GET WHAT IS MINE THIS I PROMISE YOU.”

Meanwhile, Kazim in a statement revealed that his first wife left him no choice but to marry another wife when she decided to permanently relocate to the US.According to him: “I have read many things that have been written about me and my family. Many of which are fabricated lies and some directly from my first wife ( which understandably is angry I married a second wife)

“At this point, it is necessary I put the records straight. I have two wives. One lives in the US and the other lives here with me in Nigeria. As a matter of fact, I just got back from America three days ago where I spent quality time with my family and tried to mend fences with my first wife who is obviously still angry I married a second wife (A move my religion permits as a Muslim)“And talking about being a Muslim and a responsible man, I make sure none of my family in the US or in Nigeria is suffering. It is laughable that some people said I have abandoned my US family in as much as I travel to see them often.

The Nigerian movie marketer also revealed that he ensures his US family gets $1,500 for upkeeps from 2016 until recently when he reviewed it to $1000.“For the record, I ensure my US family gets $1,500 from 2016 until recently when I reviewed it to $1000 because our daughter is now in the private University and I have been solely responsible for her school fees and upkeep.“In as much as there is nothing bad in a husband and wife building a house together, in my case, we did not. I built the house by myself.“When I was furnishing the house, she bought some furnishing materials and part of the money. I have refunded.

My second wife had added some furnishing to the house as well.“It is not in my character to speak ill of people who were once friends not to talk of my first wife (who is still my wife as we speak). I will not speak ill of her for the sake of good and bad times that we shared and the good kids that God gave us.“It is understandable that my first wife is unhappy about getting a second wife but she left me no choice when she relocated permanently to the US.“I am a Muslim and Islam permits me to marry more than one wife as long as I take care of them and I don’t maltreat them.

I can stand before God and man that as a man I have done my best not to maltreat them.“And I will not paint my first wife bad no matter what or use foul language on her and her family (who have been with us all through this journey)“When she came to Nigeria recently, (she, myself, her family and mine had a zoom meeting, we didn’t see each other physically). and our meeting was open, honest, and respectful.“Many of them are surprised at the turn of events and the dragging of family names in the mud. But as it is, we have to leave everything in the hands of God and let God continue to guide us and reward us all.“


Jonathan Rejects APC Presidential Form Purchased By Miyetti Allah, Says Is An Insult!

Former President Goodluck Jonathan has rejected the presidential form of the All Progressives Congress purchased for him on Monday by a group of his supporters from the north.

Dr Jonathan’s Media Adviser, Ikechukwu Eze, said in a statement hours after the news that the group had bought the form for him broke that the former did not authorise the purchase and consider the move by the group ‘an insult’.“We wish to categorically state that Dr Jonathan was not aware of this bid and did not authorise it,” the statement read in part.“We want to state that if the former President wanted to contest an election, he would make his intentions clear to the public and will not enter through the back door.”In recent months, there have been increased speculations about whether the former President will run for his old post in in the 2023 general elections and there have been calls for him to do so.

Although he is not a member of the APC, speculations have intensified in recent weeks that he is set to switch from the Peoples Democratic Party to contest for President in 2023.But the former President has yet to state whether he would contest or not, neither has he spoken about the possibility of switching parties.“While we appreciate the overwhelming request by a cross-section of Nigerians, for Dr Jonathan to make himself available for the 2023 Presidential election, we wish to state, that he has not in anyway, committed himself to this request,” Eze said.“Buying a presidential aspiration form in the name Dr Jonathan without his consent, knowing the position he had held in this country, is considered an insult to his person. The general public is therefore advised to disregard it.”