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Amidst Security Unrest, Borno State Governor Leave State And Finally Hands Over Power To His Deputy

Amidst the numerous spates of terrorism and Fulani bandits attack, reports has it that Borno state governor, Governor Babagana Zulum, has handed power over to his deputy, Umar Kadafur, to serve as acting governor from April 29 to May 19.

It came after lawmakers in Borno gave approval for Deputy Governor Umar to serve in that capacity after Zulum made the request in a letter dated April 26.

This is coming amidst reports that an Army commanding officer and seven soldiers were reportedly killed when Boko Haram insurgents affiliated to the Islamic State of West African Province (ISWAP) attacked two Army bases in Borno State on Sunday May 2nd.

The terrorist group attacked a base in Ajiri, about 20 kilometres (12 miles) away from Maiduguri, the Borno state capital, according AFP.
A similar attack had been carried out earlier on Saturday night when the insurgents hit a base in Rann in the same state, the military sources said.

Whether the move by the governor is the right one waits to be justified.


2023 presidentialcandidate: Obasanjo Backs Akinwumi Adesina, Rejects Asiwaju Tinubu

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo is currently drumming support for the President of the African Development Bank and former minister, Dr Akinwumi Adesina, to enter the 2023 presidential race.

Obasanjo by his support for Adesina, subtly sidelined a former Lagos State Governor and National Leader of the All Progressives Congress, Bola Tinubu, whose ambition is more prominent in the South-West.

Tinubu, despite the barrage of corruption cases on his neck, is working hard through proxies and political godsons to ensure that he gets nationwide support.

It has since started manifesting in the crude exploitation of the poverty situation of Nigerians by the sharing of Tinubu-branded rice bags first in Kano and Borno states.

“Baba’s backing for the AfDB President is predicated on his sound educational, economic and leadership pedigree that he believes can guaranty him easy victory over other recycled politicians with some baggage,” the top politician said.


Buhari careless about your murmuring, curses and noise- Femi Adeshina

“Kick like a dying horse, shout yourself hoarse, curse, murmur like a ghost, hiss like a snake, President Buhari keeps his eyes on the ball.

“It’s a big lesson to learn from him. When you are in the market, ignore the din, and concentrate on the person you are transacting business with,” said Femi Adesina, media aide to President Muhammadu Buhari, in his latest article published on his Facebook page.

He stated this concerning questions about President Muhammadu Buhari’s recent medical vacation to London.

While mocking Nigerians who had “harried and harassed” him to know about Mr Buhari’s state of health in the piece, Mr Adesina asserted his principal would continue to ignore people who “kick like a dying horse” and “murmur like a ghost.”

Mr Adesina is notorious for railing against critics of Mr Buhari.

In the Facebook post, Mr Adesina insisted that Nigerians must learn a “big lesson” from Mr Buhari on ignoring public outcry.

According to the aide, though many Nigerians see Mr Buhari as a passive leader who ignores serious issues, the president chooses to focus on what catches his fancy.

“Some Nigerians have made it a pastime to pester and attempt to browbeat the president. I laugh,” said Mr Adesina. “They don’t know the person they are dealing with.”

“A cool customer. Never flustered, harried, or disconcerted,” added Mr Adesina.

True to type, on Thursday, Mr Buhari ignored public outcry against Isa Pantami, the Minister of Communications and Digital Economy. He threw his weight behind him without addressing Mr Pantami’s grievous ties with terrorism.

However, Mr Buhari acknowledged that Mr Pantami supported terrorist organisations and incited the Muslim communities against Christians in the North through the declaration of jihad and fatwa but insisted that the “apology” of the minister was enough to heal the wounds and console the victims of his divisive past.


Speaker Gbajabiamila Rejects Call For Pantami’s Removal

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon Femi Gbajabiamila on Wednesday shut down a motion sponsored by the Minority Leader, Hon Ndudi Elumelu, seeking the sack of the Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Mr Isa Pantami over his admittance of previous support for Al-Qaeda and Taliban.

Elumelu (PDP-Delta) who raised a matter of privilege expressed grave concern over the public outcry on the minister’s support for terrorist groups before his appointment into President Muhammadu Buhari’s cabinet.

“There has been insinuation that he has direct links and personally subscribe to the extreme Islamic beliefs of Al-Qaeda, Taliban and Boko Haram sects.

In his ruling, Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila who observed that the Minority Leader’s observation came under the wrong Order, said: “Thank you Hon Elumelu. I think he came under the wrong order.

“Your point of order is well noted. But you know we don’t debate such issues if it comes under order of privilege, thank you.”


Abuja is the only Federal Capital where cattles move freely, graze on beautification flowers —Governor Ortom

Benue State governor, Samuel Ortom on Thursday said Abuja is the only Federal Capital Territory in the world where cows are allowed to move freely and graze on beautification flowers that government spent so much money to plant.

The governor who believed in ranching expressed dismay that cattles are allowed to move freely and enchroach into people’s farms.

Ortom stated this through a virtual conferencing during the Press Week of the Nigeria Union of Journalists, FCT chapter, stating that Nigeria has less than 20 million cattle which could also be easily ranched.

“Unfortunately, the cows are allowed to either roam the streets freely or encroach on people’s farms and other investments creating all sorts of social and economic sabotage.

He stressed that farmers and animal husbandry could increase production using modern technology of ranching instead of allowing cattles to destroy people’s farms.

“With arable land of just 2% and population less than 9% that of Nigeria, the Ranches and Animal Husbandry Agriculture subsector of The Netherlands exported meat worth over 21 billion EUROs, (about 9 trillion Naira), between 2016 and 2018 only.

“Ranching by law and policy therefore, if properly implemented in our country, will also yield similar results and have great positive impact on our economic diversification dreams and our food security.“


If a failure like Yahaya Bello also wants to be Nigeria’s President, then the country is finished — Melaye

Senator Dino Melaye, who represented Kogi West in the 8th Senate, has said if the likes of Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi can be confident of becoming Nigeria’s President, then the country is not yet to ready for good governance.
Melaye who ironically, was one of the few politicians instrumental to Bello’s emergence as governor in 2015, said Governor Bello whom he described as ‘failure’, is not qualified to rule the country.

Speaking via a tweet, he wrote, “Governor Yahaya Bello cannot climb the ladder of success dressed in the costume of failure. You can only be the president of Agasa Development Union in Okene. Yeye dey smell. SDM.”

The ex-Senator, previously accused the APC government of being responsible for the untimely death of many Nigerians who had hoped electing them would improve their lives.

He said it is unfair for wicked leaders in the country to make it to 2021, despite denying many innocent Nigerians the same privilege due to the “colossal and gross ineptitude and incompetence” of the current government.

He said, “The cemetery is full of people who should be alive but for the colossal and gross ineptitude and incompetence of the Apc led Federal Government.”

He followed it up: “Insecurity and pampering of terrorist have sent souls to thier early graves and wicked people responsible (in and outside Govt circles) for thier deaths are not only alive but they continue in thier evil ways. God!!! Act NOW!!! Visit Nigeria in your anger and do what only You can do,” he wrote.


“Igbos and Yorubas should drop agitation, join me to build this country” — Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu

The leader of the All Progressive Congress Party and former Governor of Lagos State, His Excellency, Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu has called on Igbos and Yorubas ethnic groups to join force with him to salvage this country from corruption.

Tinubu who made the call during a press briefing today at Lagos, admonishes the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, otherwise known as IPOB and the leader of the Oduduwa succession group to jettison the struggle for Biafra and Oduduwa independence.

It was gathered that Asiwaju Tinubu, popularly as Jagaban earlier last year made similar call to ndi Igbo living in Lagos to forget Biafra agitation and join hands with the All Progressive Congress (APC) to rid this country off corruption.

However, Tinubu Maintained that the hour to rewrite the history of Nigeria is now and that is why he’s calling the Southern part of Nigeria to forget secession and join him to lead the country to the promise land.

According to him, “I am calling on IPOB and Oduduwa secessionists to calm down and drop their weapon of anger so that we can move Nigeria forward.

“This country belongs to all of us and it is our duty to get things properly done here. Nobody can do it for us, that is why we have to come together as one to get it right this time around.

“IPOB and Oduduwa should drop the agitation so that the South can produce a better leader come 2023.” he said


EFCC arrests Ex Imo Gov Rochas Okorocha in Abuja

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) on Tuesday evening arrested a former Imo Governor Senator Rochas Okorocha.

Officials of the Commission laid siege to the former Governor’s private office at Nkwerre Street in Garki area of Abuja and picked him up shortly after he returned from a trip.

EFCC spokesman, Wilson Uwajuren, confirmed the arrest to The Nation. He however could not give reasons for his arrest.


Nigerian Soldiers are the most unprofessional soldiers in the world-

“Nigerian Soldiers are the most unprofessional soldiers in the world.”

“If a hoodlum kills a soldier, millions of soldiers will invade the community, kill innocent people and burn down houses.”

“What has the innocent people have to do with the death of a soldier?

What has people’s houses have to do with the death of a soldier?”

“If a soldier is killed, the “Intelligence Unit” of the military should do investigation to capture the killer, not terrorising the whole community.

“If you look at what soldiers did in Imo State, Akwa Ibom State and Benue State, you will agree with me that Nigeria is a failed count