Biden to name Nigerian American as deputy treasury secretary

A Nigerian American Adewale Wally Adeyemo, a Nigerian-born attorney and former senior international economic adviser during the Obama administration, will serve as deputy Treasury secretary under former Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen, who Biden plans to appoint to lead the Treasury Department.

39yr old Adeyemo is currently the President of the Obama Foundation. He previously served as the first Deputy National Security Advisor for International Economics from 2015-2016, and Deputy Director of the National Economic Council.

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Senator Ndoma-Egba’s wife died in a motor accident in Benin

Victor Ndoma-Egba, the former Senate leader, has lost his wife, Amaka Onono Ndoma-Egba.

It was gathered that Ndoma-Egba lost his wife to a ghastly motor accident along the Benin – Akure Expressway on her way to a function.

It was also gathered that Ndoma-Egba earlier this year lost his mother-in-law, mother and his former media aide while his house was vandalized during the #EndSARS protest in Calabar.


Arrest Dele momodu over that interview with Nnmadi Kanu, Shettima Yerima Tell Buhari.

The president of Arewa consultative forum has asked the presidency to arrest Dele momodu over his interview with IPOB leader MAZI NNAMDI KANU.

Nnamidi Kanu

Speaking in Kano, YERIMA stated that dele momodu has given Nnamdi kanu more platform to insult our great country and the president.

According to him
I have watched the interview video between Nnamdi kanu and dele momodu. It is an insult to not only our great country but our president himself.

He can dele ask Nnamdi kanu about his claims that buhari is dead.. that means dele himself has bought that fake lies and is trying to bring it up again.

Dele Momodu

It is an insult because many people have watched the video including foreign diplomats and now, they would believe that our president is dead when it is a blatant lie.

I am calling on the presidency to arrest Dele and teach him a lesson over this very insult against the president.

All they are doing including the yorubas is to make sure buhari did not complete his tenure but they forget that we have two more tenures before we can give the slot to the Southerners.


Desmond Elliott incurred the wrath of forces more powerful than his godfathers- Reno Omokri.

Desmond Elliott was acting for his political godfathers to see his loyalty. He is ambitious. He does not believe what he said.

He believed he was writing a promotion exam. And he felt that the person that would grade his paper is Bola Tinubu. But Nigeria has changed. Power has shifted to the people. Even Bola Tinubu himself can’t recover from the effects of the last two weeks.

Desmond Elliot expects someone who can’t save himself to save him. Alas, he unwisely chose to be the proverbial fly that followed the corpse into the grave. Tinubu is now a political corpse. He once had the Midas Touch. But now, all that Tinubu has left is the Leprous Touch! Desmond incurred the wrath of forces more powerful than his godfathers, andu they may sacrifice him to appease that force.



Okonjo-Iweala, WTO and Trump by Mayor Ikoroha 2020

After Donald Trump’s America vetoed Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala’s election as the Director General of the World Trade Organisation (the US is the only country in the world that currently opposes her election), the General Council of the WTO hopes to meet on November 9th to reappraise the DG issue.

Okonjo Iweala

The US presidential election is on November 3rd and I believe that in the estimation of the WTO, Trump would have been voted out of office and a lame duck US president, even a perennially belligerent one like Trump, won’t be in a position to block Dr. Okonjo-Iweala’s ascendancy to the top job of the WTO.

President Donald Trump

So those Nigerians praying for Trump’s unlikely reelection should realise its import on our dear amazon becoming the Director General of World Trade Organisation.


I’m sorry for not sharing COVID-19 palliatives to you —Governor Ayade begs people of Cross River

After discovery of wharehouses where COVID-19 palliatives were kept and not distributed to the people as sent by the Federal Government, youths in Cross River State break into the wharehouses and carted away all items.

The rampaging youths encroached into other areas of public and private business concerns and destroyed public utilities and looted goods in shops, malls and in markets.

Perceiving the wild spread of vandalism in the State, Governor Ben Ayade publicly begged the people of Cross River State to forgive him for withholding their entitlement.

Hear him:

“Please we have learnt our lessons, give us the opportunity to make amends. No human is perfect. What ever your concerns are, please let the spirit of Cross River take over. I plead with you using the blood of Jesus that please let us forgive each other and come together as a State”.

Prof. Sen. Benedict Ayade
Governor, Cross River State.


COVID-19 PALLIATIVES! “My Father Is Not Nigeria’s Problem” – Buhari’s Daughter, Zahara Indimi

In the last few days, Nigerians have discovered various warehouses where the COVID19 palliatives donated by CACOVID were stored and went ahead to loot them.

The palliatives comprising of food items were stored in the warehouses and were supposed to be distributed to the less privileged Nigerians.

Nigerians took to social media to blast the various state governments for keeping the items when they were supposed to have immediately distributed them.

Filmmaker, Masurah Isah, shared a post on her Instagram page where she pointed out that the discovery of the palliatives shows that the President is not the problem of Nigeria.

Zahara Buhari-Indimi who is President Buhari’s daughter seems to be in agreement with Mansurah’s post and so she reposted it on her Instagram story.


Destruction in Lagos, not caused by the Ibo

Gani Adams, The Aare Ona Kakanfo Of Yoruba Land Says That The Igbos Were In No Way Behind The Destruction That Happened In Lagos.

Similar, Many Have Asked,If The Igbos Were Behind The Destructions In Lagos As Some Tribalistics Insinuatd, Who Then Was Behind The Destructions That Happened In The South East And In The South South.

#EndSARS Project Is Not A Tribal Protest,But A Protest For A Better Nigeria, A Protest For The Benefit Of All Nigerians(Igbos,Hausas,Yorubas And Other Minority Ethnic Groups).


Nigerians must know this by Atiku Abubaka.

Nigerians must know this!

Every Nigerian life matters. Any system or institution that has no value for human life’s is irrelevant. To every Nigerians out there who lost dear ones as a result of #EndSARS police brutality, as well as those who were injured and also lost their life’s during a peaceful protest while expressing their pains and displeasure in governance as a civil liberty of every citizens in Nigeria.

On the present situations of our country and the lives we live as a community and people. Accept my profound and heartfelt sympathies for your losses. A season such as this only offers opportunity for sober reflection on the part of leaders and the led.

As we all condemn in the strongest terms the callous, wanton and brutality on citizens by #EndSARS towards citizens as seen on videos all over the media space.

We all believe that there is no cause that could justify the torture and torment of innocent protesters, protesting for the betterment of our democracy.

What we are witnessing today, should not lead to retaliatory actions in which more and more innocent citizens will suffer. Also It should not lead to the erosion of confidence in our society and government, setting the stage for anarchy.

This is precisely the time for our support for Nigerian youths to be at its strongest without any delay.

We call on every youths without bias for religion or ethnicity to be good, kind and supportive of one another in this very difficult time irrespective of our jobs, our service in government position as force or military personal e.t.c it doesn’t matter, be your brothers and sisters keeper as one Nigerians with one mother.

We must urge ourselves for greater respect and love for each other for the sanctity of life and differences in culture and religion.

However, those who emerged as leaders in this great Nation should be fully obliged to account for their stewardship to every human life’s in this great country knowing fully well that they can be put out of office if they have failed.