The Rate At Which Nigerians Are Leacing The Country Is Worrisome

The Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) ascribe as worrisome the alarming rate at which Nigerians are leaving the country in search of greener pastures abroad.

On Thursday,November 3rd ,speaking at a sensitization campaign on the scourge of Smuggling of Migrants (SOM) for stakeholders in Enugu State.

Joachim Olumba, the NIS chairperson in Enugu said “Indeed, this program couldn’t have been held at a more appropriate time, considering the alarming rate at which, not only the youth, but older generation of Nigerians exhibit interest to leave the country.

This is creating a worrisome phenomenon which has come to be popularly known in local parlance as “Japa”

The Immigration chairman stated that the appetite to jet out of the country was usually driven largely by social, economic, and security concerns.

He mentioned that Nigerians, especially the youth, were leaving the shores of the country in their droves.

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