You Will Die Without A Husband – Pastor Cursed A Lady For Refusing To Give Her Phone Number

A lady on Facebook, Oghenetejiri Charity took to a Facebook group to share screenshots of her chat with a pastor, Emiaso Oke Emir who cursed her for refusing to give him phone number he requested for.

According to the lady, when she refused giving the alledged pastor her number he started saying;

“By the authority and power invested in me by God as a man who ruleth over the world and has dominion over the earth, you shall di.e without a husband”

As revealed in the chats, the pastor also went further to insult her parents and generations saying it will not be well with them.

The bible says by their fruits you shall know them.How can one called a pastor (shepherd) turn around to bear a devilish fruit or daily obey his fleshly impulses,and yet you keep calling him a pastor?we need to know the differences by being prayerful and rich in the word of God.collosians3:16

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