Arrest Dele momodu over that interview with Nnmadi Kanu, Shettima Yerima Tell Buhari.

The president of Arewa consultative forum has asked the presidency to arrest Dele momodu over his interview with IPOB leader MAZI NNAMDI KANU.

Nnamidi Kanu

Speaking in Kano, YERIMA stated that dele momodu has given Nnamdi kanu more platform to insult our great country and the president.

According to him
I have watched the interview video between Nnamdi kanu and dele momodu. It is an insult to not only our great country but our president himself.

He can dele ask Nnamdi kanu about his claims that buhari is dead.. that means dele himself has bought that fake lies and is trying to bring it up again.

Dele Momodu

It is an insult because many people have watched the video including foreign diplomats and now, they would believe that our president is dead when it is a blatant lie.

I am calling on the presidency to arrest Dele and teach him a lesson over this very insult against the president.

All they are doing including the yorubas is to make sure buhari did not complete his tenure but they forget that we have two more tenures before we can give the slot to the Southerners.

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