How American Air Force Special Operations flew NAVY SEALS to Nigeria to rescue the son of a missionary Philip Walton

US Air Force Special Operations flew NAVY SEALS to Nigeria to rescue the son of a missionary Philip Walton who was kidnapped in Niger Republic by armed Fulani herdsmen.

The young man was kidnapped in neighboring Niger at his farm Tuesday morning by Fulani herdsmen armed with AK-47 assault rifles but was smuggled into Nigeria through our border that is closed by this government.

The Fulani herdsmen kidnappers demanded for $1 million from Phillips dad who has lived in Niger for 30 years.

The CIA provided intelligence leading to Walton’s whereabouts while the Marine Special Operations elements in Africa helped locate him by tracking the Kidnappers phone.

Early this morning, about 30 US Navy commandos parachuted into the remote area in northern Nigeria where the kidnappers had taken Walton. They hiked about three miles until they came upon the captors’ small encampment.

An intense but brief gunfight followed in which one captor escaped.

Walton was not harmed and whisked from the camp to a makeshift landing zone where a U.S. helicopter brought him to safety.

According to ABC, all but one of the seven captors was killed in the mission, described as a ‘precision’ hostage rescue.

‘They were all dead before they knew what happened,’ a source told the network.

America is nobody’s mate and truly the greatest country in the world.

See the resources they mobilized just to rescue one citizen kidnapped by herdsmen.

Now tell me, if you are an American citizen, why won’t you be proud of your great country?

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