Search the Word of God deeply and receive the Wisdom of God- Mike Bamiloye.

Some people would be doing a wrong thing and still be quoting the Word of God to back themselves up, that is the Devil given them a Bible quotation to make them do a wrong thing, like he told Jesus to throw Himself down from a high pinnacle.

A brother wanted to kiss a sister, and the sister refused. The brother quoted from 1 Corinthians 16:20
“All the brethren greet you. Greet one another with a holy kiss.”

Another brother engaged himself in all manners of unhealthy businesses to acquire wealth, when he was advised against it by another brother, he quoted from Deuteronomy 8:18

“And you shall remember the LORD your God, for it is He who gives you power to get wealth, that He may establish His covenant which He swore to your fathers, as it is this day.”

Search the Word of God deeply and receive the Wisdom of God and the Knowledge of the Word of God to know when the Enemy is trying to use the Word against you, to make you do what the Word is not saying you should do.


Associating with wrong people kills vission and destiny – Mike Bamiloye.

Mike Bamiloye

Listening to wrong messages and songs destroys zeals and passions to pursue your God-given visions and calling.

Many messages of some ministers today, do not encourage our youths to patiently follow the Lord, but rather, they are stirred and prodded to pursue whatever they desire vigorously and get it at all cost.

So the Scriptural admonition to run our race that is set before us with patience is missing. Messages and teachings that fuel the embers of greediness and covetousness.


Woe to all fake pastor who are merchandising their anointing.

WOE to any man or woman of God who merchandises the anointing for filthy lucre! Who enriches himself on the sweat and blood of the people he or she is called to serve; who feeds on the flesh of the sheep he or she is called to shepherd; who makes the truth of God’s word seem like a lie; who treats the grace and mercy of our God like a vain thing and continues to light strange fire in the camp.

The Church of Jesus Christ is being built, being transformed and perfected. The gates of hell cannot prevail. We shall be made ready for the Groom, totally purified, sanctified, without spot or blemish. Let the fear of the Lord reign among God’s people! Let it be so! In the name of Jesus Christ, who lives and returns in GLORY!

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The Lord did what no man can do- Mike Bamiloye

The founder of Mount Zion faith ministry Pastor Mike Bamiloye took to social media to appreciate the Lord’s doing in the life of his family.

The bride and the groom

Here is what he posted!

Daddy G.O and mummy G.O with the bride and the groom

This is the Great thing the Lord did for us all yesterday, when the glory came down upon us all at the Holy Wedding Services and Ceremony of our son, Joshua Mike-Bamiloye and Tolulope Odesola.
We can still not explain the Manifestations of His goodness and overshadowing of His Power and grace at the Events that included the Engagement, Wedding Ceremony and the Reception.

Cross section of the bride, groom and their families

The invents were graced by many the top ministers of RCCG including Daddy E.A. Adeboye and Mummy G.O. and the couple were blessed and prayed for by them.
The Lord has done so much for us again. We are grateful to him.

Happy Married Life, Jay-Mikee and Tolulope.
Thank you JESUS.

Happy married life to the bride and the groom

The Children of Madam Comfort Oyeyipo remember their late sister Kikelomo Maria Oyeyipo.

It’s been two years that late Maria Kikelomo Oyeyipo passed away at Queen Elizerbeth hospital in United Kingdom.

We the late family of Kikelomo bless God for the gift of our daughter, though gone too soon.

Lord we the entire children of Late Comfort Oyeyipo thank you God for the gift of our late daughter late Kikelomo.

We want to believe that we will celebrate the treasure of our love again, when we are both in your presence forever. May this truth sustain us in the days to come. Take our sad and aching heart and comfort us, Amen.

Late Maria Kikelomo Abeni Oyeyipo

Naomi , JP for the Oyeyipo’s family.

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Pictures: Cultural day celebration at RCCG Abesan Estate

On Sunday 27th of October 2019, the entire members of the RCCG Fountain of favour headquarter Lagos province 12 Abesan Estate came out in their different traditional atires to celebrate their cultural day.

The occasion was colourful as a result of different traditional wears from all part of Nigeria. Different traditional foods was present from all tribes.

Here are the the pictures from the event

Edo and Ekiti traditional wear
Ekiti woman in her full traditional wear
Cross section of Ekiti people
Ekiti woman and a man in their traditional wear
Happy Ekiti girl