I ‘ll expose you if you derail as governor – Deji Adeleke tells brother

The Pro Chancellor, Adeleke University, Dr Deji Adeleke has told his brother, Senator Ademola Adeleke that he, Deji, will expose the Osun state’s governor-elect if he derailed from the development agenda promised the people.

Davido’s Dad.

Speaking at the 8th undergraduate and 4th postgraduate convocation of the University, the business magnate, the governor-elect has no reason to fail the people that trusted him with the mandate.

He added that he has counselled him (Ademola) and his team that anyone whose interest is to steal state resources must be allowed to make the cabinet.

His words: “I told the governor elect (my brother) and his colleagues that they are lucky because they do not have any godfather to refund any money to, so whatever people contributed for the election is contribution and it’s a sacrifice for a better Nigeria, for a better State, so the governor-elect and his colleagues are not under any pressure, the only thing they need to do out there is to go and serve the people.

“And I threatened them that I will be the first to call the press conference if I see things going wrong with his government, I will be the first to alert the world that your governor has derailed. I’ve also told him and his team not to allow anyone that is not ready to serve, anyone that his focus is to come and look for money to steal from the poor people (Osun is a very poor state) into the team”.

While counselling the new graduates, he urged them to live an accountable life in order to hold leaders accountable for their acts in public offices.

According to him, we just held an election in Osun State, forty-five polling units disappeared, young NYSC presiding officers did not show up in their designated polling units, meanwhile people were waiting to vote but the material, result sheet and BIVAS machine was taken to somewhere else.

“Untill a Director started calling to make sure that those people reported to where they are supposed to, otherwise my brother wouldn’t have been the governor-elect today. And those who allowed themselves to be used were NYSC young people, it’s not Commissioners in INEC, people blame INEC but forgotten that it is the young ones that have been entrusted in this responsibility are the one wrecking their (your) own future. Because if you cannot hold a government accountable then we don’t have any future in this country.

“So please our young ones, do remember what you’re taught here, remember that the future of this country depends on you, seize up that future, make sure you register to vote, make sure that any government you don’t want or that is not serving right in your constituency is voted out, do not participate in bringing down this country, participate in all things that will bring up this country to the desired country that you want”, he said.

In his convocation speech, the Vice Chancellor, Professor, Solomon Adebola said 25 of the graduates bagged first class degree honours, 468 bagged second class upper, 260 had second class lower while only 9 graduated with third class.

He added that the University graduated 28 Ph.D students, 55 with Master’s degrees, one with MPhil Ph.D and three students of Post Graduate Diploma (PGD).


I Can’t Wait To Call You My President, Adichie Tells Obi- Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Author, Chimamanda Adichie, has extolled the virtues of the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi, on his 61st birthday.

In a lengthy post on her Facebook page on Tuesday, Adichie recounted Obi’s relationship with her late parents and family.

She went on to talk about how she couldn’t wait to be able to call Obi her president.

Adichie said, “Happy Birthday to Peter Obi, my dearest Big Bro:

“I will never forget your kindness to my beloved parents. Thank you for the respect you showed them, for your many visits to Abba, where you gave to Daddy and Mummy the most precious gifts: your time and your attention.

“You are a good man. You are loved. You are appreciated.

“Mummy called you her ‘first son,’ my siblings and I call you our ‘big bro,’ and I cannot wait to call you ‘My President.’

“I cannot wait for February 25, 2023, when I, with personal pride in you and with hope for what Nigeria can become, will cast my vote for you and your running mate, Senator Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed.”


I can never underestimate Peter Obi – APC chair, Adamu speaks on Arise Television

I know Peter Obi since when he was governor, he means well for his people and I can never underestimate him – APC chair, Adamu speaks on Arise Television

“Peter Obi I knew him when he was governor of Anambra state, I visited him. These are people who mean well as far as I’m concerned, from their outbursts they mean well. They are well grounded, I don’t have doubts about that.

“So I have no reason whatsoever to underestimate their ability to lead their people to victory.”


Lagos politician leader, Chief Kemi Nelson is dead

Chief Kemi Nelson is dead. She was 66.She died Sunday after a protracted illness.

Chairman All Progressives Congress, APC, Ikeja Chapter and Chairman Conference of the 57 APC Chairmen in Lagos State, Mayegun Dally Adeokun announced her death.with heavy heart but with gratitude to Almighty God, we announce the death this morning of our Ikeja apex leader and state GAC member, Chief Mrs. Kemi Nelson”.

“Our condolences go to her immediate family and the Ikeja political family.”“May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace. “Nelson, famously known as Yeyesewa after her chieftaincy title, was born in Lagos on 9 February 1956 and attended Anglican Girls Grammar School, Ijebu-Ode for her secondary education.For her tertiary education, she attended school of Nursing in the University College Hospital Ibadan where she qualified as a registered Nurse and Midwife.She got an MBA in Financial Management and a Diploma in Law from the Lagos State University Ojo.She began her political journey in 1990, joining the now defunct National Republican Convention (NRC) during the regime of General Ibrahim BabangidaShe was the senatorial candidate for the Lagos West Senatorial district in 1992 and was defeated at the polls by Bola Ahmed Tinubu.In 1998, during the regime of General Abacha, she contested for the Ikeja Federal Constituency in the house of assembly. This time, as a member of UNCP. She won the election but it was truncated by the death of General Abacha.In 1999, she joined Alliance for Democracy (AD) and from 1999 to 2003, she served as the Lagos State Commissioner for Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation during the tenure of Bola Ahmed Tinubu and has served as the Women Leader of Lagos State Chapter of The All Progressives Congress (APC) and was later made the South West Women Leader of APC.She is the only female serving member of the Lagos State Governor’s Advisory Council (GAC).Nelson had played several important roles since 1999. She was a commissioner during the tenure of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.She also served as an executive director of the Nigerian Social Investment Trust Fund, during the first term of President Buhari.


Why Wike Will Not Support Atiku by Former Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose

“If the party is now a one-man show, we will show them that we can resist it. We are with Wike 100 per cent.”

Former Ekiti State governor, Ayo Fayose, has explained why he believes Nyesom Wike will never support the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Atiku Abubakar.

Mr Fayose, in an exclusive telephone interview with PREMIUM TIMES, said power must shift to the southern part of Nigeria in 2023 after the expiration of President Muhammadu Buhari’s second term.

The former governor also recounted how Mr Atiku “promised” to make Mr Wike, the Rivers State governor, his running mate after he was declared winner of the PDP presidential primary election.

According to the former Ekiti governor, Mr Atiku failed to fulfil his promise to Mr Wike when he settled for the Delta State governor, Ifeanyi Okowa, as his running mate.

“Wike never said he wanted to be VP, but when Atiku visited him, he was the one who said, ‘I want you to be my VP’. He said that to Wike. If that then changes, is Wike not supposed to be told? Is he not supposed to know?”

He recalled that Mr Atiku had ignored the recommendation of a committee set up by the opposition party to pick his running mate.

“PDP set up a committee to recommend a running mate for the candidate and the committee voted and picked Wike, but they didn’t comply with the recommendation of the committee.”

“If the party is now a one-man show, we will show them that we can resist it. We are with Wike 100 per cent.

“When they need Wike’s money and Wike’s support, they will say, ‘Wike is good enough’. Wike has been injured, but we will remain with him. Whatever he does is what we would do; wherever he asks us to go is where we will go.”

When asked what would happen should Mr Wike ask them to support Mr Atiku, the former governor said: “Wike will never say we should support Atiku.

“Wike cannot come out to say he is supporting Atiku. I dare him to say so; because he knows that whatever he says will haunt him forever. If Wike supports Atiku, we will abandon him.”

Contacted for a response, Paul Ibe, Mr Atiku’s spokesperson, said his principal and the party will continue to appeal to aggrieved persons within their fold to embrace dialogue.

“Because the bigger challenge is winning the election, kicking out the APC and stopping them from the many years of impoverishing our people,” said Mr Ibe.

“It is normal for our people to be aggrieved but the PDP has a way of resolving issues like this and that will be done and we all shall be happy.”

On whether the plan is now to technically support the All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate, Bola Tinubu, or his counterpart in the Labour Party, Peter Obi, Mr Fayose said: “this is not about Bola Tinubu or Obi, but this is about our belief that power must come to the south and it is a struggle we must actualise.

Mr Fayose further explained that “when the June 12 election was cancelled, the presidency was zoned to the southwest to pacify the southwest region.

“When former President Goodluck Jonathan was over staying, it was believed that he was already using the northern slot. So, he was opposed and a northern candidate was installed through the APC.

“This time, it is the turn of the south because Buhari has spent eight years. Why will PDP be insisting that it must again be the turn of the north.”

Mr Fayose also stated that he does not care if his actions are perceived as anti-party activity.

“ What I am saying is, it is the turn of the South, and if they want to expel me, to hell with them. I am not taking money from anyone to belong to this party.


Tinubu Doesn’t Need To Resubmit Certificates, Having Won Election In 1999 – Gov Uzodinma

Imo State Governor, Hope Uzodinma has chided Nigerians for raising what he termed unnecessary controversy over the basic school certificates of the presidential flagbearer of the All Progressive Congress, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

The Imo State Governor, however, said given the timeline available for their candidate, INEC would be furnished with the necessary documents before the time elapses.

Uzodinma gave his views after a meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari at the Presidential Villa Abuja on Tuesday, shortly before the President departed for Portugal for a state visit.

But reacting to the development, Uzodimna said, “Well, all the things so mentioned are entire party challenges that will be resolved. But for my presidential candidate, the issue of certificates shouldn’t even arise.

“In 1999 he contested elections and became the governor of Lagos, in 2003 he contested election second-term governor of Lagos. He ran and won as a senator in the country, where record keeping is efficient, and the INEC server is functional, he doesn’t need to do a fresh submission. However, if whatever he is supposed to submit is not handy, it is not late yet. I’m sure before the time he will submit whatever is required of him”.


Don’t collect money, Vote Your Conscirnce Tells You To Vote– Pastor David Ibiyeomie says

Your business is not growing, sit down with the word. If Jesus was to be the one doing this business, will he owe everybody? You owe everywhere. You collected loan from bank, yet your business did not grow. You say, ‘no contract, it’s because I am not in APC and PDP.’ It’s a lie; it’s because you don’t know the word. When you keep failing, you look for excuses. ‘If I was to be in APC and Codine, I will win.

If I was to be in PDP and PSC, I will win.’ It’s a lie; if you were to be in the word. Church Gist. Are there no losers in PDP and APC? Is it everybody that is winning? Inside the PDP, there’s PDP. Inside APC, there’s APC.

People who are getting money out of those parties are very few. The rest majority, they even trample them when they are doing campaign. They die in stadium, nothing, 1,000. Don’t collect money all of you; because you don’t know the Word now, they give you 5,000 you go collect. If you collect money to vote, you’re Esau. You’re complete Esau, you sold your birthright. Church Gist. Don’t collect money, vote who your conscience tells you to vote.

Poverty, don’t collect money. Okay, how much will somebody give you, when you eat today, won’t you eat tomorrow? Some of you are saying, ‘this man na him go give us money.’ If any man gives you money to vote him, he is not going to perform; because a man who will perform will not give you money. Church Gist. Anybody who gives you money to vote will never perform. First class students don’t sort. If you see a student sorting, he is naturally a dull student. So, anybody paying money is a dull leader who will not perform. Shout halleluyah!


My Dad made Lagos more comfortable for Igbos but they choose to be ungrateful- Folasade Mujidat Tinubu Ojo

“The conducive environment you see today in Lagos that Igbos are enjoying while doing their businesses were put in place by my father Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu.

“These people left their home town and we accepted them wholeheartedly in Lagos State, provided all they needed yet they are not grateful. Instead they keep attacking my father at any slightest opportunity.

“Without this man, there will be nothing like Igbos in Lagos State. They made their Billions here. Some of them don’t even know their hometown anymore because they now prefer Lagos than where they are coming from.

“Now, it’s time for them to reciprocate the kind gesture my father has shown to them over the years by supporting his Presidential ambition, they now resort to blackmail and all sorts of attacks on the person that made them whim they are in Lagos State today.

“They locked up their shops just to get their PVCs something that has never happened before just because my father is contesting for the President of this country. Simply because they don’t want him.

“We have tolerated their excesses for so long now, therefore the earlier we put them in their position, the better. We are watching them closely because if you are Rome, you must respect, adore and support the culture of the Romans and whatever they are doing. You can’t be in Rome and be against the Romans. Never!”

~ Folasade Mujidat Tinubu Ojo


$322.5 Million Abacha Loot Shared To 1.9m Nigerians – FG

The Federal Government has disbursed the entire $322.5 million Abacha loot of 2017 to 1.9 million poor and vulnerable Nigerians.

Before making the disbursement, the money accrued an interest of $11 million where it was deposited.

Mr. David Ugolor, Executive Director of ANEEJ, an independent monitor providing independent report on the use of the funds, made this disclosure in Abuja yesterday.

Mr. Ugolor told reporters that “the Abacha loot is exhausted. An interest of $11 million was accrued in the money where it was saved and it was disbursed to around 1.9 million poor Nigerians”.

Ugolor added that “no politically motivated data was used in selecting the beneficiaries; the National Social Register was used to determine those who will benefit and the register is updated regularly to remove those who have died”.

According to the ANEEJ Executive Director, “the Abacha loot that was recovered have been exhausted, we have a responsibility to inform Nigerians and then to make sure to tell them what the money was used for”.

He noted that, “it is a very controversial issue that people sit down at home and begin to point fingers that Abacha’s money has been stolen. What we have done with this monitoring is very ground breaking”.

Ugolor said ANEEJ will publish by the end of next month, state by state data of how the money was disbursed.


Anti-grazing law is unconstitutional, Atiku say’s,backs herdsmen

Atiku backs herdsmen, says anti-grazing law unconstitutional.

The presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in next month’s election, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, has called for a review of the open grazing prohibition and ranches establishment law in some states of the federation.

Atiku, who was answering questions, Wednesday, on a talkshow “The Candidates” said the law was unconstitutional and infringes on the rights of Fulani herdsmen to freedom of movement and residence across the country.
“We have to look at the constitutionality of those laws. I’m not sure whether they come with the provisions of our constitution which guarantees freedom of movement, the right to reside wherever you want in the country and so on, and so forth. So we have to look at that.

The constitution does not restrict the movement of people in Nigeria, so any law that restrict people from moving freely and doing their legitimate business can’t be upheld,” he said.
The former vice-president said rather than ban the free movement of cattle, feeding lots should be established across the country, an intervention which he admitted would take a long time to achieve.
“I believe that the best solution to the farmers/herders clashes is to try and enlighten our herdsmen on the use of feeding lots. These feeding lots can conveniently be established all over the country.