Buhari Paid Ransom To Kidnappers – Obasanjo

Former President, Olusegun Obasanjo, has accused President Muhammadu Buhari of paying ransoms to kidnappers.

The president has publicly spoken against the payment of ransom, warning governors against encouraging bandits and kidnappers through negotiation.

But speaking when he played host to members of Tiv professionals Group (TPG) at the Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library (OOPL) in Abeokuta, Ogun State, on Wednesday, the ex-president said not just the government of Buhari but that of former President Goodluck Jonathan negotiated with kidnappers, though they deny doing so.

“Government has always paid ransom. Not only this government, even during Jonathan (administration). They paid ransom, but they deny it,” he said.

Neither Jonathan nor Buhari has responded to the claim by Obasanjo.

Obasanjo, however, asked the government to develop a means to deal with kidnappers and bandits as against ransom payment.

The former President equally insisted that fighting insecurity to a standstill requires a “carrot and stick” approach.

“Some people are still reaching out, and hoping that lives can still be saved. But a situation whereby anybody thinks paying ransom is the way out, that person is folly. He is a folly. This is because when you pay ransom, you encourage. But if you are not going to pay ransom, you must have the means to deal heavily with it. You must have the stick to deal with it,” he said.


Uzodinma Saved Himself Of The Embarrassment Of Being Chased Out Of Abuja By Returning To Imo’ – Barr. Nwagwu

A popular Owerri-based legal practitioner, Obidike Nwagwu has revealed that plans were on the offing, to force Sen Uzodinma out of Abuja, and back to Imo State, before his unannounced return on the last day of April 2021. Recall that Hope Uzodinma had been away from the state for almost six days, after an attack on his country home, by unknown gunmen, who set his house ablaze, and killed some security men stationed there.

The governor, who was already in Abuja, where he visits every weekend, cancelled his return to the state, despite the serious situation in the state, which required his presence to address.

While speaking with Verbatim News correspondent, Mercy Anaele, Nwagwu revealed that he and several concerned Imolites were already putting finally torches to their plans, to head to Abuja and stage a protest to force Uzodinma back to Imo.

“It was very shameful, that the so-called Chief Security Officer of the state, would be the first to run away,” Nwagwu stated. “We had already started making plans to storm Abuja, find wherever he was holed up, and protest until he leaves Abuja and returns to Imo.

“He saved himself the embarrassment by coming back today, else, we would have been in Abuja on Monday, and our faces would be all over the news with our placards, calling him to stop being a coward, and live up to the office be claims we gave him.

“If he likes, he can come back with the entire troops in Nigeria. I saw his convoy had increased. My own is that the killing of innocent citizens must stop. He was the one that invited army to Imo State. He should control them and find a way to bring this matter to rest, without more casualty.”


Fulani using NIN to fight population jihad in Nigeria —Obadiah Mailafia, ex-CBN deputy governor

“Let make it clear, I am an old Nigerian patriot. I believe in the idea of Nigeria. I am a believer in the Great Nigeria Project. I suppose those of us who are hemmed in within the Middle Belt do not have much of a choice. We have nowhere to run to, being caught and sardined in the middle. We see ourselves as Nigerians. And even if the rest of the country were to break up – if the North where to disappear into the Sahara and the South were to sink under the Atlantic Ocean, the Middle Belt will still be Nigeria, with our federal capital in Abuja. But I have read enough history and enough political theory to say that there are no guarantees for any nation on earth. The British historian Arnold Toynbee, in his epic study of world civilisations, identified about 22 of them. Nations and civilisations have risen and fallen. And it will continue to be so, world without end. Leaders that make wise policy decisions will see their countries move forward; those that succumb to folly will eat the dust of their own wickedness. This is how the world works. So, for Nigeria, I do not believe in our eternal indissolubility. From the way things are going, some people are hell-bent on destroying the country. They are pushing forward their evil agenda of “Fulanisation and Islamisation”. They do not give a damn what anybody thinks. They believe they are in power and this is perhaps the last opportunity they have to reshape the country in their own image. Through Pantami’s devious NIN palaver, they are allegedly importing millions of aliens and issuing them with passports, national identity cards and voter cards. They are fighting a demographic Jihad to ensure that the North is the demographic majority by subterfuge. And then they will have a free license to call the shots in perpetuity. They have allowed hundred of thousands of killers to invade our country. They are everywhere now. Recently, Niger State Governor Abubakar Sani Bello, lamented that the terrorist bandits have overrun over 100 villages. Niger, as you know, is the largest state by size in Nigeria. And it is less than 200 km to Abuja. The terrorists have already occupied most of my ancient Savannah homeland. The gestalt and hermeneutics of this administration leads us to believe they have a closet sympathy for the killers of our people. One of them was quoted as saying, “as you know, we always rejoice when Christians are killed”. With these kinds of attitudes, we never trust them. We would always have to decode and psychoanalyze even their best intentions.

The tragedy of our situation has encouraged all sorts of secessionist tendencies, from the Old Biafra to Oduduwa and Middle Belt. Based purely on systems theory, there is no system that can take on so much pressure without something eventually giving in. Even those of us old patriots who love our country and desire its success and prosperity may be in no position to stop the madmen who are hell-bent on destroying her. If Carthage must be destroyed, then it is better for everyone to go their own way. The only solution, as I see it, is restructuring, political reforms, devolution of powers to the regions and reinventing Nigeria as a forward-looking, progressive and prosperous democracy. The other alternative is death.


All Over The World, Nigeria Is The Only Country Given To The Fulani By God” —FUNAM

The Fulani Nationality Movement, (FUNAM) after extensive deliberations on the state of the nation in the context of the recent killings and national uproar, met today in Kano, the capital of Kano State. Among other things, the FUNAM deliberated on attacks on cattles by rustlers, kidnap of Fulani men and women in some parts of Nigeria, displacement of Fulani traditional settlements in Northern Nigeria and some parts of Southern Nigeria, stealing of properties belonging to Fulani cattler owners amongst other issues.

The group also deliberated on the political situation in Nigeria occassioned by the irresponsible calls for restructuring of Nigeria, the historic and vicious attacks on Fulani people by Southern nationalities and their cohorts in the middle belt, the plot to ensure Fulani are pushed to the backbench in the power equation in Nigeria and above all, the vicious campaign against the God ordained place of Fulani as the leading star guide in Nigeria, and after extensive deliberations, we hereby make the following declarations:

a) That the killings in Benue of Tiv is well deserved. It was a revenge attack on the series of onslaught on the Fulani which was most horrendous on November 17 2017 when 30 Fulani men and women were killed in Nasarawa State.

We notice the recalcitrant culture of the Tiv people as demonstrated even during the 1804 Jihad when they obstructed our ordained conquest of Nigeria.

b) We condemn the media propaganda being waged against the Fulani and supported by Yoruba, Igbo and their bigotry allies in the Middle Belt.

c) That we are aware of plots by the minority ethnic groups in the Middle Belt to attack Fulani settlements.

d) That we have asked all Fulani across West Africa to raise money and arms to prosecute the oncoming war. We call on all Fulanis to prepare for this Holy War. There is no going back. All over the world, Nigeria is the only country given to Fulani by God.

e) We oppose the anti-grazing laws which obstruct the ability of Fulani to move freely and stay anywhere in Nigeria. The Fulani, if not for the British would have actually conquered the entire Nigeria which God has ordained as our dominion.

f) That the Cattle Colony is the only solution to the crisis. Whether the Federal Government or State Governments accept or not, we have asked all Fulani herdmen all over West Africa to move to Nigeria and penetrate every corner for the upcoming Jihad. We have asked them to be armed since it seems it is the only language Nigeria understands. The Nigerian Government has failed to protect us.

g) We warn those who oppose the Fulani cattle trade to be cautious of the consequences. We are ready for the worse. We are prepared for war. There is hope for peace if and only if attacks on Fulani herdsmen stop and the Fulani is allowed to settle anywhere that the Fulani chose to settle in Nigeria.

We are Nigerians and are free to settle anywhere we desire with our culture, our families, our commerce and our values to the glory of Almighty Allah. Any attempt(s) to reverse these demands will be met with Holy Uprising never before seen in the History of Nigeria and in the scale compared only with the 1804 Jihad.

A word is enough for the wise.

The Fulani is capable of defending itself.

Signed Badu Salisu Ahmadu


Calamity: Baba Ijesha Loses N15m Annual Endorsement Deal Over Alleged Child Molestation

Lanre Omiyinka, popular Nollywood actor at the centre of a child molestation allegation has lost a lucrative endorsement deal to his alleged misbehaviour.

Baba Ijesha, has seen his endorsement deal with Matrix Homes and Properties Limited terminated as a result of the child molestation allegation which has shaken the film industry in Nigeria to its foundation.

This medium learnt that the deal is worth N15 million annually to the actor.

The property firm put on a notice of disclaimer on the disgraced actor saying his behaviour was antithetical to the ideals of the company.

In essence, the company said, Baba Ijesha has ceased to be the brand ambassador of the company.


Killings Will Continue In Benue Until Ortom Cooperate With Buhari —Garba Shehu

The President expresses his condolences to the families of our dear citizens who lost their loved ones in the recent spate of killings in Benue State. Furthermore, he states that the rising levels of incidents, especially the killings and violence in various parts of the country calls for further collaboration with security agencies to curb its recurrence.

He also states his disappointment and sadness to hear Samuel Ortom, the Governor of Benue State make a litany of accusations against his person and his government of following the recent unfortunate incidents in the state.
No responsible government takes pleasure in such events as the killing of the military and that of innocent citizens taking refuge in an Internally Displaced People’s camp. President Buhari is deeply pained by the terrible acts of violence happening not only in Benue State but also in other parts of the country and expects that the law enforcement agencies will go to every possible extent to catch the perpetrators of these heinous acts and bring them to justice.

The lives of fellow citizens should not be desecrated by deploying them in political diatribe which unfortunately appeared to be the intent of the string of emotional attacks and blame laid at the doors of the President for those killings by Governor Ortom. President Buhari took an oath to defend the life and property of every citizen, a duty he takes seriously and is committed to ensuring.
Those citizens regardless of their affiliations, who either incite, sponsor or are proven to be abettors of these atrocities will face the law squarely and be answerable for their crimes against our fellow citizens and nation.

President Buhari continuously stresses that the strength of our country lies in our diversity in faith, culture, and traditions and attempts to sharpen the divide between northern and southern Nigeria, between Muslims and Christians, and between communities that have coexisted for centuries should be frowned upon and resisted. As Nigerians, we accuse colonial rulers of the policy of divide and rule. Today, it is our own leaders who put region against region, religion against religion, ethnic group against ethnic group and community against community.

The future of Benue State and indeed that of the entire country lies in harmony and the respect for law, order, and the constitution. It is the only way to achieve progress and development.
While the President will continue to keep security, police and the armed forces on their toes to be on top of their act in troubled parts of the country, the situation in the states will greatly be helped by everyone working together because that is the foundation on which progress and prosperity can be achieved.

Benue under the Ortom administration ought to cooperate with the Federal Government in the implementation of a number of national strategies programs in addressing underlying issues militating against peace, progress and development. This can still get done when the interest of the people is placed above all other interests. A government voted into office by the people, should treat the people as its masters and not as its servants.


Ijesha was caught on CCTV defiling my foster child – Comedian Princess

Comedian, Princess, says her foster child is the victim actor Baba Ijesha allegedly defiled 7 years ago

Comedian, Princess, says her foster child is the 14-year-old girl Yoruba actor, Olarenwaju James, aka Baba Ijesha, defiled 7 years ago when she was only seven.

In an emotion-ladden video, Princess said after the crash of her marriage, some parents allowed their children, six in number, to come and live with her so she wouldn’t be lonely. She said while she was harbouring the six children, she was also rendering help to Baba Ijesha.

Princess alleged it was during one of his visits that he molested one of three girls living with her.

She said the defilement had an adverse effect on the child as she began to decline academically and otherwise.

Princess said after seven years, the girl told her and someone else what Baba Ijesha allegedly did to her. The comedienne said she called him for a meeting in her house where she set up a CCTV camera and he was captured trying to molest the girl again.

She berated people who are accusing her of trying to “tarnish his image.”

Recall that last Thursday, April 22, the Lagos state police command announced the arrest of the actor for defilement.


Youths Should Avoid Thuggery, Bola Tinubu Urges

The National Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, has urged youths in Agege and Lagos in general embrace peace and avoid thuggery.

Tinubu gave the advice on Friday during the inauguration of the 1.4 km flyover at the Pen Cinema junction, Agege.

He urged them to embrace peace for prosperity of the area.

According to him, no meaningful development can be achieved in an atmosphere of insecurity, hence, the need to embrace peace at all times.


Kidnapping School Students By Bandict Is A Lesser Evil- Shikh Gumi

Controversial Islamic Scholar, Ahmad Gumi on Monday described the kidnapping of school children by bandits as lesser evil.

According to Gumi: “Kidnapping children from school is a lesser evil because in the end, you can negotiate and now bandits are very careful about human lives.

“Before, the mission of bandits was to go into a town, ransack it and kill people. By this, I can say our preaching is working and hopefully, we are coming to an end of banditry in Zamfara and other states.

“Bandits are more careful about lives now and just want to do sensational attacks which would bring attention to themselves.”