Pictures from George Floyd burial.

George Floyd who died while in police custody in Minneapolis and whose death sparked national outrage was laid to rest yesterday 5th of June 2010.

George Floyd died on May 25, while being restrained by Police in the US City of Minneapolis.

His death has sparked widespread protests in American and around the world.

Independent autopsy found Floyd’s death to be homicide cause by asphyxiation.

He is being eulogized in the memorial service.

To Rev. Al Sharpton, U.S civil rights activist and President, National Action Network “Those that broke should pay, but so should the four policemen.

America, this the time for dealing with criminality in the justice system.

This is the time we won’t stop until we change the system of justice. We are going to make America great for the first time.”

Rest In Peace George Floyd


My Husband Runs From Home After Impregnating Another Woman – Oga Bello’s First Wife Opens Up- Tunde Kelani TV

Veteran Nigerian actor, Adebayo Salami popularly called Oga Bello’s first wife, Alhaja Risikat Ejide has shared her experience in the 45 years journey as the first wife of the celebrated screen personality and movie producer.

In a conversation with Tunde Kelani TV, Risikat opened up on how she copes with her husband’s infidelity after the got married.

She narrated how their affair started before marriage and how Oga Bello badly treated her in their early day.

“Well, I met my husband in our primary school, Ansarudeen Primary School, Oke Popo, Lagos Island. Then we just knew each other as primary school students. My husband, Adebayo Salami used to be so full of himself. We used to call him “Oba” (King).

I don’t like any man that is so full of himself but I noticed that people loved him a lot. But I didn’t like him because of his attitude (laughs). We were all in primary school. So when he noticed that I didn’t like him, he used to give me a tough time too.

He was a Prefect so whenever I am found wanting, he had special ways of dealing with me. Whenever they say we should do our ablution and I didn’t do it, he will beat me. Whenever he beats me, I always go to his parents to report him.

So one day, I went there as usual and his father sent me away to stop coming to report him. As kids, I could go to his parents 3 times a week to report him. That was how I stopped reporting him. So after that scenario, he will beat me to stupor until we later became friends.

Well, despite all the things he was doing to me, I didn’t blink an eyelid. This is because I like him. I like him so much that everyone in his area knew that we shared an inseparable bond. Do you know that whenever I go there, I don’t always meet anyone? So I also won’t spend much time because they will be looking for me at home. I may now go and see him 10 times a day until I am tired.

On how she coped with his stardom, she said

“Just like my husband said, when he became so popular, many women were frolicking around him. He couldn’t manage it. But my mum is a very tough person. I remember she told me that I can’t come back after marriage and marriage is all about endurance. So going home to tell her wasn’t a choice.

Then my immediate elder sister that was very close to me doesn’t have an enduring spirit like me. So I told myself that I will keep it to myself. I felt telling people or seeking advice may make people instigate me against him. I love my husband and I don’t want us to fight.

They couldn’t do anything since I wasn’t complaining to them. I was also working and making good money. I also believe its destiny. So whenever I hear that he impregnated somebody, I don’t ask him, but sometimes he will tell people to beg me. He also formed the habit of running away whenever that happens.

I think he also saw that it was too much. This is why I didn’t have friends. I don’t want friends to tell me things that will make me fight my husband. So the last one he did and ran away; I had to tell his friends to help me look for him that I am not angry. I love my husband so much.

When asked if she ever got angry, she said “Angry, no, but as a human being sometimes it is painful. Sometimes I think about it but love won’t allow me get angry. I just tell myself, I have my own kids. I have boys and girls, what else? So I told myself, I will be patient with him and look after my children. While doing all that, my husband brought his other children for me to train and that was how I trained them.

Speaking about coping with his other wives, Rikisat said;

“Oh! I have to accommodate them. I love my husband and anything he stands for. How many people do I want to fight? I am not saying it is not painful but what do I do? Let me shock you. There was a day I cried from morning till night but after that, I told myself, “why are you crying, you better stand up and make food for these poor children. Then we were staying at Atitebi in Ebute-Metta. Look at those kids now, you won’t even identify their individual mothers.

They love me so much. One should accept destiny and trust in God.

Oga Bello and some of his children She concluded by saying she will marry Oga Bello if she came back to the world again.
“Yes. My husband is so caring. Even if it is with my family or with his family. He loves me a lot and always shows it. He loves all his children to a fault. I have been living with my husband for over 4 decades and a day like this has never come. I thank God that a day like this is here. I thank God that our children are making us proud.”

Tunde Kelani TV


Why do we love negativity? Ooni of Ile Ife wife, Olori Shilekunola Naomi Ogunwusi speaks on marriage Crash

Olori Prophetess Naomi Adeyeye has shot down rumours that her marriage to the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, has crashed.

There have been reports online that she has packed out of the monarch’s house following some marital crisis.

On Monday evening, she took to her Instagram page to set the record straight.

Read her press statement below:

“There have been strange rumours and unfounded news making rounds on social media in recent times.I want all believers of good news to know that, it is all lies and a picture of how the peddlers of the evil news would have loved our love story to turn out.

The king of Ife Kingdom with his wife Naomi

I would have loved to maintain silence, however, due to concerns being expressed by well meaning people something has to be said.

Now, the gospel truth is that I have been busy with ministry off the social media space and you’d all agree with me that with the ongoing pandemic which suddenly sprung up on all of us, only means more work needs to be done.

Ooni of Ile Ife with Wife

I can’t sit still (as nobody privileged enough should) and this isn’t a time for social media presence but a time that calls for solemnity. Hence my break from what people now call normal.

Finally, as duty will have me do, I have been in and out of the palace doing Gods bidding.With all being said, I am compelled to ask the following questions :

Why can’t people verify that which is the truth ?

Why do people believe more in falsehood and negativity?

Well, the bible has something to say about them in Psalm 2:1-12. Now i say to you all, please disregard and jettison every fake and malicious news about me and my husband (Ooni Adeyeye Babatunde Enitan Ogunwusi) for ours is a love no earthly force is strong enough to break,we are very fine and healthy.

I will leave you with this “please be comforted and know that boredom is a killer and people do unimaginable things when they are” Peace and love always.”


Covid-19: Alhaji Umaru Yakubu (Dan Iyan Katagum) is dead.

The death of a prominent man in the North, Alhaji Umaru Yakubu (Dan Iyan Katagum) was announced to the public by Shehu Musa.

Shehu Musa took to the social media today to announced the death of Alhaji Umaru Yakubu (Dan Iyan Katagum) on his Facebook wall. Here is what he posted!

Innalillahi Wa’inna ilaihin Raji’un.

I received with shocked though with total submission to tjr the will of Almighty Allah the sudden demised of Alhaji Umaru Yakubu (Dan Iyan Katagum).

He was a complete gentleman per excellence and a rare personality love by his people and beyond . The generations yet unborn will surely miss your kindness having spent part of your life in service to humanity and the nation.

Late Alhaji Umaru Yakubu (Dan Iyan Katagum).

May Almighty Allah grant you Jannatul Firdausi Ameen.

Stay at home and be safe. COVID-19 is real.