All you need to know about the Onilua of Ilua in Oyo state, the oldest Monarch in Yoruba land.

The Oniluwa of Ilua

The monarch is the Onilua of Ilua land, Oba Samuel Durodola Afolabi II, who is said to be 140 years old.

Oba Afolabi became the king of the community 38 years ago when he was reported to have been 102 years.

He is one of the few Nigerian monarchs, who were given the blessing of long life by God.

The monarch, according to an investigation by Omo Lamurudu Media is regarded as the oldest monarch in the Yoruba land, sequel to his attainment of 140 years of existing on the surface of the earth.

He was born in 1879 to the family of Afolabi and became king after the demise of Oba Majaro and enthroned in 1981 when he was 102 years of age.

The investigation revealed that Oba Afolabi was a commercial farmer at Arigidana, Babaode in Itesiwaju local government of the state before community leaders and king makers unanimously agreed to make him the king of Ilualand.

The monarch said while he came on board as the community’s ruler, there were challenges of lack of potable water, motorable roads, electricity, schools and hall among others.

He added that with the support of the chiefs, community leaders, elites and politicians, Ilualand began to enjoy the availability of potable water, and that the electricity was restored.

The road at the heart of the town and dam were constructed and telecommunication mass was also installed.

Oba Afolabi said the mutual and cordial relationship that is existing up to date among the community leaders, elites, politicians and chiefs necessitated the unprecedented achievements in the community.

He called on all indigenes of the town at home and in Diaspora to develop the town the more and he also enjoined the governments at all levels to extend the dividends of democracy to the town.


David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido to wed Chioma in April 2020

Despite all the talking being generated by the public on social media over the Ghana trip of Davido with first baba mama Sophia Momodu, everything is still perfectly okay between Davido and Chioma whom he married traditionally in 2019.

The big plans are underway for the church wedding between Davido and Chioma which is expected to take place in April this year. Family members are already working to make the wedding a really superlative one.

Love is a beautiful thing. Congratulation to Chioma and David


Birthday, Entertainment

I made my 6 years old son to walk in the shoes of the less priviledged- Toyin Lawani

For my son’s 6th Birthday shoot, I made him walk in the shoes of the less~priviledged for a day.
We sold fruits to people and hawked in traffic, few people recognized us but didn’t care.
He didn’t stop asking me questions when we got home.

Anytime we drive past kids and I give them money, he’s always saying why this, why that. Now he understands.

Mother and son

Life isn’t rosy all the time!
For those of us with pot bellies, blessed with abundance of jellies, observing table is not our thing.

There are others unlike us, with flattened
Tummies tossed to and fro hunger-driven, beaten by the reality of our lack.

For those of us unlike them, born with silver spoons shouldn’t forget that circumstances and predicaments are cousins, we must teach our kids never to look down on anyone because they are more privileged. As Parents, we should teach our kids how to accommodate others with love.



If you love yourself too, you must not go into 2020 with these human viruses in your life

  1. The parasite- those who keep on taking and have nothing to offer, DELETE THEM!
  2. The discourager- those who always give you reasons why all you want to do can’t work. I call them the “It can’t be possibles”, DELETE THEM!
  3. The jealous- those who abhor you when God is blessing you, DELETE THEM!
  4. The hater- those who want you to be where you are not where you want to be, DELETE THEM!
  5. The unstable- those who are for you today and against you tomorrow, DELETE THEM!
  6. The unreliable- those about whom you are not sure whose side they are on, DELETE THEM!
  7. The selfish- those who believe life is about them and them alone, DELETE THEM!
  8. The money-monger- those who can do anything to get money including selling you out to the highest bidder, DELETE THEM!
  9. Womanizer- these ones will one day go after your wife and daughter if they have not done so, DELETE THEM!
  10. The abuser of parents- these ones have cursed the day of their birth, don’t partake in their curse, DELETE THEM!
  11. The heartless- they will never think twice before they do you wrong including taking your life, DELETE THEM!
  12. The liar- these ones will engrave you with words that are false until the words put you in the grave, DELETE THEM!
  13. The tight-fisted- these ones will never have enough money, DELETE THEM! You need someone who has more than enough in 2014.
  14. The Godless- these ones are the biggest fools who think they can breathe without God and oxygen, DELETE THEM!
  15. The Dream-Killer- They love to kill human dreams because theirs are dead. If they can kill your dream, they can kill you too; DELETE THEM.