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Chrisland: Dancer, Kaffy Withdraws Daughter Over Incident

Nigerian Popular dancer, Kaffy Shafau, has withdrawn her daughter from Chrisland High School.

Kaffy reveal this in a video shared on her Instagram, where she spoke on the unfortunate incident that led to the death of 12-year-old Whitney Adeniran, a student of the school.

According to her, the negative reports trailing the school are becoming one too many with the institution not showing effort to make amends.

Recall that Tribune Online reported Whitney’s autopsy indicated she died from electrocution during an inter-house sports ceremony.

The mother of two decried the several ‘sacrifices’ of children in Nigerian schools due to carelessness.

She noted that it is sad that an unfortunate incident has to keep happening at the school before things change, meanwhile innocent students and parents keep getting affected.

“I have to make this video as a mother, I don’t think anybody in this life prays to lose a child, it is inconsolable because it is a grief you carry forever, there is nothing that can replace it.

“I’m speaking out not as solidarity with the victim’s mum, but because my children goes there. This is a school that I use to be so proud of and I thrived to put my children there because I belief in the System in the 80’s. The foundation at which the school was built upon, and this is not it.

“The entire school need to be shutdown totally, as I feel right now, my child is not going there, even though I paid school fees already.

“It is becoming a consistent pattern where systems are not properly put in place, it now looks like we need to sacrifice our children before a system needs to be checked,” she lamented.

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