“We shall see what will become of his dream—” Gen.37:20

There are powers against life dream. These powers are more dreadful especially when is of same household. I don’t know who is wishing us otherwise, saying our dreams of getting to our GREATER HEIGHT of God given life dream be terminated, he is a liar. The good news is that @ this level of our commitment with God, nothing will kill your dream except You, otherwise you are getting there like Joseph in Jesus name.


Powers waiting and wishing what becomes of my dream will see and bow to my dream fulfillment in life by fire in Jesus name.

Any household power fueling the failure of my dream, fuel yourself to death by fire of the holy ghost in Jesus name.

Power against my dream of getting to the height of my dream, like Joseph, be the ladder leading me to the height of my dream fulfillment by by force in Jesus name.

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