Ireland Socialite Naomi JP Unveiled The Professional behind her Birthday Photoshoot And the Makeup.

In June 2022, Naomi flew to Maryland USA for the celebration of her Sisters 45th birthday.

Meet the brain behind Bariart Studio, the CEO.

After the celebrations of Naomi’s Sister’s. Naomi visited the Bariart Studio. Located at 14207 park center drive ste 106 laurel MD 20707, Maryland USA for a beautiful photoshoot and makeover

Here are some photos taken at The Bariart Studio.

Also we are using this platform to tell everyone that is planning any occasion to visit BARIART STUDIO in Maryland USA. The Studio is located at 14207 park center drive ste 106 laurel MD. 20707.

For your maternity pictures, birthday pictures, wedding pictures, family pictures, and makeup, go to Bariart Studio. Or
Call Bariart Studio on telephone number +001443 9858946.

Or Email Bariart Studio on : Bbbariat19@yahoo.com

If you need discounts on your photoshoot. Tell Bariart Studio that you’re from Naomitheboss. Give Bariart Studio the following discount Code Naomitheboss-2022.

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