Oby Ezekwesilu Has Lost Relevance – Dino Milaye

In the last few days, some loose statements credited to Oby Ezekwesili, former minister of Education and Solid Minerals has circulated . In it she has, as usual, circulated her misconceived and unabated ignorance while casting aspersions at the person of former Vice President Atiku Abubakar and the People’s Democratic Party ( PDP). It was another failed attempt to prop herself into relevance having lost integrity and significance arising from her politicisation of the sad incident of the kidnap of Chibok girls, which Oby exploited to herself by engaging in a failed presidential ambition that ended unceremoniously after serious accusations of corruption and under dealings.

It is convenient for the self-styled ‘madam due process’ to castigate Atiku and PDP today, but the fact remains that whatever relevance she gained in Nigeria was made possible by the kindness of the People’s Democratic Party Administration that gave her opportunity to operate at the highest level of governance.

It is the style of Oby to surreptitiously campaign for one candidate and run than another. She did it for APC in 2015. In the current campaign she has already expressed preference for Peter Obi, but rather than join her preference to campaign she has as usual resorted to gorilla tactics to run down Atiku and PDP as a strategy for promoting her interest. This method has failed, and has become as irrelevant as Oby whose voice on national issues has become muffled, attenuated and impotent.

All the accusations about the trumped up financial dealings of Atiku as Vice President have become mere gossip and gutter charters having been eroded over time by unsubstantiated allegations. It is even more ridiculous that Atiku’s University which is striving and waxing stronger is brought into the fray. Wisdom and intelligence should make any discerning person to avoid escallating that an issue, because if the projection was that the survival of the University was tied to Atiku’s presence in public office and Atiku has been out of office for over 15 years and the University is running, where is the relevance of this accusation? It is simply unreasonable. However, it is understandable to still press that line of argument, because to the unreasonable everything is reasonable.

Oby Ezekwesili has lost her moral and social relevance. Her outing in the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Solid Minerals were monumental disasters. With Atiku as Vice President and actively engaged in the economy Nigeria recorded one of its most prosperous periods in Nigeria’s history. It is the same record that Atiku seeks to recreate. Atiku will not be distracted by armchair and nepotic critics like Oby. This is because Atiku as a focused man has long realised that those going somewhere are often distracted by those who are going nowhere.

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