SInger “Teni should be given a special award for the way she collected her award.” – Popular Catholic Priest, Fr. Kelvin Ugwu.

‘How Many Times Has The Presidency Respected The Office Of The People’ – – – Fr. Kelvin Ugwu Asks Those Saying Teni Should Have Respected Office Of The President.

He wrote; “She should have respected the office of the presidency bla bla bla.

How many times has the presidency respected the office of the people they supposed to serve and protect?

How many times have you all cried out to the presidency to at least address you on the state of the nation and they adamantly snubbed you?

You employed the president, you pay him, for seven years in office, how many of you are aware of the amount he spent on his health and what exactly was wrong with him?

They are stealing your oil and getting rich, sending their children abroad to study and giving them employment after graduation in big offices like CBN, NNPC etc… while you sleep in churches praying for jobs and for schools to open.

Ordinary special assistant in the presidency, who is eating from your sweat, will have a convoy and intimidate you in traffic. The person will still come online and insult you and you will be looking like a helpless soul.

This is a case of the oppressed taking sides with their oppressors. . .

Keep looking for respect from the way someone walked and collected her award. . . She even tried to be present, if I was the one, you won’t even see me there.”

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