Call Reno Omokri To Order- Olisa Metuh Urges PDP, And ATIKU.

Former Publicity secretary for People’s Democratic Party (PDP)Olisa Metuh has called Reno omokri to order

“The time has come for the Peoples Democratic Party to issue a disclaimer to Reno Omokri’s posts. Whilst he is not a member of the Presidential Campaign team, his closeness to the Presidential candidate and his open support for the party may mislead people to believe his posts as representating the views of the Party.
There is no way any responsible or respectable democrat can condone such insensitivity. We did not join politics to mock or disparage any set of individuals, least of all a whole tribe.
The founding fathers of the PDP had noble ideals and its ideals and values should not be desecrated by any individual, on the altar of a false strategy to engineer hatred against any tribe or stroke an ethnic contest.

We all should insist on an issue based campaign.”

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