Sunday Igboho Calls For International Support For Actualisation Of Yoruba, Biafra Nations, Says ‘British-Made Nigeria Is Dead’

Igboho lamented that the current security situation in Nigeria is worse than that of war-torn Ukraine.

The Yoruba Nation agitator, Sunday Adeyemo, popularly known as Sunday Igboho, has called for international support for the actualisation of the Yoruba and Biafran Nations.

Igboho, who made the call in a statement by his Spokesman, Olayomi koiki, alleged that Fulani people, through the support of President Muhammadu Buhari’s government, have taken over everything in Nigeria, enslaving the Southern region of the country in the process.

Igboho lamented that the current security situation in Nigeria is worse than that of war-torn Ukraine, adding that whereas war zones in Ukraine are clearly known, every part of Nigeria has become a war zone with people being killed indiscriminately.

Parts of the statement made available to newsmen on Monday read, “My people (Yoruba) are going through the most difficult time. I studied how the League of Nations became the United Nations and the reason why they exist. Furthermore, I know the role Super Powers are playing in the Stability of this world and it is very commendable, countries like the USA; Russia; China; UK and France, their role as Security Council and so on.

“I want to now speak to the indulgence of the establishment and the world at large to please come to our aid. We Yoruba want to pull out of this “British Made Union” called Nigeria. This is the time and the world’s bodies should not ignore these callings in order to avoid bloodshed.

“The country called Nigeria was coined by British colonial power more than 100 years ago. Forcing together 3 major Nations, Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba. Today, none of these nations is thriving. The Fulani that came into the scene with the sneaky name “Hausa-Fulani” has managed to seize total control of everything, with the help of many nations called Northern Nigeria and their greedy politicians from Southern Nigeria.

“Today the world knows Nigeria is a failed State. It no longer exists. Economy is dead and can never be revived. Security is worse than even some war zones like Ukraine. At least in Ukraine, you know the war zone and the civilian zone. In Nigeria everywhere is a war zone and no one is safe anymore.

“To make the matter worse, opportunist groups like radical Islamic group, ISIS, Al Qaeda, ISWAP and so on have now joined with Boko Haram and Fulani Militia, with a common goal of taking over the entire failed country and killing and terrorizing as many people as necessary to achieve this.

“We Yoruba are now saying we have seen this coming 2 years ago when I started this activism. Churches have never been attacked in Yoruba land. Today we have seen it in Owo, there was another major clash that took many lives in Kwara State recently, involving this same Fulani.

“The Federal Government of Nigeria has told the Media Houses in Nigeria to deliberately underreport genocide, this is why they revoked the licenses of some TV and radio stations recently. But the social media is there and that is the direct news from the victims.

“So, I call on the world; Brazil; Cuba and all the Latin American countries that we share some religious bonds with. And this also includes Ghana; South Africa and other African countries as well. We Yoruba cannot achieve our country in isolation, we need your cooperation and assistance.

“Yoruba descendants are all over these countries and many more countries in the world. You all already know who we are and how we behave and that is our resume to the World. You can deduce from that what kind of countries will be added to the World by us Yoruba.

“This Nigeria that we were forced to be part of by colonial power is dead and if we don’t save ourselves now, it will take millions of citizens down with her. It is not safe also for the world communities to allow Africa’s most populous country to be hijacked by terrorists, and it becomes the new terrorists breeding ground.

“So, I call on the UN; USA, Russia, China and all international bodies, to carefully examine our case, and help us achieve our own nation, Yoruba Nation, and also the Igbo wants their Biafra Nation. Let us have our countries and it is safer for the World.

“We have more reasons than ever to dissolve this Evil Union, and let everyone go back to their true nationhood.

“My name is Sunday Adeyemo. I appeal to the World Community to look into my communiqué as this is on behalf of my people. I also want the whole world to ignore what the Fulani Government and our Politicians are telling them, as it is all cover-up.

“The world saw the crowd that I pulled during my peaceful rallies last year before the Federal Government of Nigeria made an assassination attempt on my life. The crowd is a true reflection of my YORUBA people’s wish. The elections continuity is just a false view to the World by the Federal Government of Nigeria and the people with an agenda.

“We want our YORUBA Nation back as we are no more interested in the Nigerian Union anymore. And we need the World’s help.”

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