Borno Masquerade Wants Me Suspended From APC Over My Rejection Of ‘Insensitive Same Faith Ticket’ -Senator Abbo

I am reliably informed that the wards chairmen of Mubi North and Mubi South are dubiously invited to Yola for a “party program” but the real issue is to have a press conference SUSPENDING me from APC for my stand against the insensitive SAME FAITH TICKET of my party.

I am told that the masquerade from Borno is being scammed of millions of Naira by few jobless people who promised him that they will expel me from APC. DESPERATION is reaching its crescendo.

My ward Chairman and the entire ward executives of Muchalla have excused themselves from the circus.

Let me kindly and gently warn you to thread with caution as the lying and deceptive MASQUERADE sponsoring this charade won’t enjoy the naked dance in the market square once I go into personal attack on his person.

You can silent others but not me. I promise You will not enjoy one second of it.


-Senator Ishaku Abbo (SIA), Adamawa North District

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