Don’t collect money, Vote Your Conscirnce Tells You To Vote– Pastor David Ibiyeomie says

Your business is not growing, sit down with the word. If Jesus was to be the one doing this business, will he owe everybody? You owe everywhere. You collected loan from bank, yet your business did not grow. You say, ‘no contract, it’s because I am not in APC and PDP.’ It’s a lie; it’s because you don’t know the word. When you keep failing, you look for excuses. ‘If I was to be in APC and Codine, I will win.

If I was to be in PDP and PSC, I will win.’ It’s a lie; if you were to be in the word. Church Gist. Are there no losers in PDP and APC? Is it everybody that is winning? Inside the PDP, there’s PDP. Inside APC, there’s APC.

People who are getting money out of those parties are very few. The rest majority, they even trample them when they are doing campaign. They die in stadium, nothing, 1,000. Don’t collect money all of you; because you don’t know the Word now, they give you 5,000 you go collect. If you collect money to vote, you’re Esau. You’re complete Esau, you sold your birthright. Church Gist. Don’t collect money, vote who your conscience tells you to vote.

Poverty, don’t collect money. Okay, how much will somebody give you, when you eat today, won’t you eat tomorrow? Some of you are saying, ‘this man na him go give us money.’ If any man gives you money to vote him, he is not going to perform; because a man who will perform will not give you money. Church Gist. Anybody who gives you money to vote will never perform. First class students don’t sort. If you see a student sorting, he is naturally a dull student. So, anybody paying money is a dull leader who will not perform. Shout halleluyah!

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