Following Banky W Winning PDP ticket for Eti-Osa House Of Representatives, Davido Congratulates him Assured of Support

Banky W with wife And Davido

… As Tweeps Beg not to Disappoint youths Like Desmond Elliot.

“Congrats Banky W! You have my support! Don’t sit at home and complain. Get up and make a change.” – Davido.

Singer Davido congratulates his colleague Banky W after winning the Primaries for the PDP Eti-Osa House Of Representatives ticket.

Banky’s win has inspired a kit of youths to be the change they seek!

On Twitter many were excited as tweep says that “Don’t Disappoint Like Desmond Elliot”.

Singer, Banky W, clinched the ticket of the Peoples Democratic Party, to contest the Eti-Osa federal constituency seat, tweeps have raised concerns about his ability to perform.

At the party’s primary on Monday, Banky W got 28 out of 31 votes cast by delegates.

Reacting to the news, some tweeps shared their hopes and worries for the singer and cited their dissatisfaction with the performance of a Lagos lawmaker, Desmond Elliot, as a basis.

Lola said, “I think one of our greatest fear is for Banky W not to turn into a Desmond Elliot if he gets that seat!”

Joy Ciana tweeted, “I felt bad earlier today when they started spreading the rumour that Banky W lost the PDP Primaries. I’m glad to hear that he won…Now, the hurdle is for him to win against the principalities in Lagos state, APC…and if he wins, I pray we don’t have another Desmond Elliot.”

Chimozuki prayed, “Dear Banky W, when you get there, please don’t become like Desmond Elliot. I take God beg you 🙏🏼”

Popular tweep, Nefertiti said, “Congratulations to Banky W. He just won the PDP Primaries ticket. Banky represents HOPE for the future. Desmond Elliot was a mistake. We need more youths in politics, but sensible youths.”

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