“My Daddy Said Beating Women is Good” Osinachi Nwachukwu’s first Son Speeks

Pastor Peter Nwachukwu, the arrested husband of late Osinachi Nwachukwu has polluted the mind of the children. Telling them beating women is good.In a chat with the first born, the boy gave the graphic ordeal his mom has been going thru with his dad and how he beats her up in any little argument. He said, my dad pushed my mom out of the car at night after Wednesday service and bad boys snatched my mom bag that night, how mom got home that night we can’t tell because dad left her.

People dashed my mom two cars (pointing at the cars outside) but dad at times will say my mom should take bike while we go in the car. Even when we are coming back from church my mom will stand under the sun, we will drive pass her and wave at her.My dad told us that beating women is good. My mom always keep quiet for my daddy and she always forgive, now she is dead. But we are happy that dad has been arrested because he shout at us and beat us too.

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