Nigeria Will Remain In Darkness Except FG Pays Our N1.6trn – GENCOS

Power Generation Companies (Gencos) under the Association of Power Generation Companies (APGC) on Sunday, said that the power supply situation in the country was worsening because they were owed over N1.6 trillion since 2013.

APGC’s Executive Secretary, Dr. Joy Ogaji, in a briefing in Abuja, argued that a situation where the energy dispatched by the power generators was used as an index for power generation capacity was detrimental to their survival.

In the past couple of weeks, the already bad power supply situation in the country had worsened as players in the sector continued to trade blames as to whose table the buck stops.

“We are currently owed N1.644 trillion. One of the reasons that the power plants are down is due to inefficient management of the grid,” Ogaji said.

According to her, the Gencos have exhausted all their borrowing sources, as the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) had reportedly warned the banks to desist from lending money to them.

She stated, “If you give us gas, provide forex to carry out maintenance. I have told you most of the units are down and they need money to fix them.

“Give us enough money to pay our gas suppliers because it is pre-payment. But for power, it is take and pay later. There is no way that this misalignment will help us.”

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