All Nigerian Politicians supposed to be jailed – Ex Minister

A former Nigerian minister, Musa Kazaure, has said that many politicians and those who have held public offices including governors, ex-governors, presidents and ex-presidents should be jailed. ⁣

Kazaure who served as the minister of works said the manner in which some politicians serve the country is horrible. ⁣

Daily Trust reports that Kazaure lamented that since Nigerian regained its democracy in 1999, politicians have continued to sabotage the nation. ⁣

His words: “Even me talking to you, what we did to Nigeria, we deserve to be jailed.” ⁣

Noting that Nigerian politicians have failed the people and the country, Kazaure condemned the level of stealing done in Nigeria. ⁣

According to him, politicians and public office holders across Nigeria are involved in stealing funds on quite a high scale. ⁣

Kazaure who served as Nigeria’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia said it is unfortunate that with all the available human and material resources the country is blessed with, not one sector of the economy can be said to be succeeding. ⁣

Also decrying the challenges faced by citizens due to the actions and roles played by the politicians, the former minister leaders have the opportunity to make a change but those in Nigeria have ceased to take such chances. ⁣

Kazaure added: “I used to say, I, Ibrahim Musa Kazaure, we have cheated Nigeria and her poor masses. ⁣

To tell you the truth, we are all the same. What we did during our time wasn’t what we should have done because some of us got the opportunity and some didn’t. ⁣

“Not (just) this government, all of us have done nothing. If we have done something, Nigeria wouldn’t be the way it is today because we have the money and manpower but see what these small countries have turned to. They have become tourist sites to Nigerians. It’s shameful.” ⁣

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