Read Father Mbak Wordings of his New Year Prayer for Maxi Nnamdi Kanu.

Mbaka on the 1st of January 2022 Prayed and said: “God will show Nnamdi Kanu Mercy This Year”

Bear in mind that Nnamdi Kanu was comfortably living in the UK until Mbaka Blessed him few months ago, and immidiately after that hypocritical blessing, Nnamdi Kanu got arrested a week later.

Mbaka has never visited or Prayed for the Victims of Nnamdi Kanu. No it won’t help in selling his ministry and healing materials in Enugu.

Mbaka can never speak against the mayhem brought that was by Nnamdi and his followers, he is so scared of getting attacked or worse.

The last time Mbaka Prayed for Nnamdi Kanu, Kanu was arrested by the DSS, today he has released another Prayer, let’s wait and see how God will answer this one.

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