Nigerian Presidents Are Not Loved By Citizens Until They’re Dead – Fashola

Minister of Works and Housing, Babatunde Raji Fashola, has said many Nigerian presidents are not loved by the citizens until they are dead.

Fashola blamed this on the poor understanding of the powers of a president.

He also said lack of proper interaction between the president and the citizens was responsible for Nigerians not loving their presidents while alive.

The former Governor of Lagos State spoke as a guest speaker at the Yoruba Tennis Club public lecture, with the theme, ‘What can the President do for me?’

“Of all the Presidents we have had, Nigerians never loved any one of them while in office; we seem to love them after they have left or died. Why is that so? To me, the answer is lack of depth in interaction.

“Nigerians are not sufficiently familiar with the constitution and the role of which offices are expected to play. It seems to me that we are expecting the right thing from the wrong place. I can’t ask the chairman of the Yoruba Tennis Club to do for me the responsibility of the secretary of the club.

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