Ikoyi Building Collapse: The Young Survivor Need Medical Assistance and Food.

A construction labourer at the Ikoyi high-rising building that collapsed days ago, William Nwachukwu after surviving the incident is now faced greater challenges.
William lived in the ill-fated building is homeless and faced with starvation. He has no money, cloths, no mobile phone, food and no relation living in Lagos.

He said that he was sleeping and was woken up by vibrations from the crumbling building and he jumped for safety from the 4th floor.

He confirmed that the Lagos state officials met him and asked how he was and he told them that he is fine. They promised to come to see him which they never did.

It is disheartening that the Lagos state government did not see the need to take this 19 year old to the hospital and engaging a Post-trauma expert to manage his mental health.
The single thought that about 20-30 people he work with day and night are all buried in a rubble will be too hard for him to handle.
Leaving him floating homeless at this time exposes the insensitivity and irresponsibility of the Lagos state Govt officials.

Instead of seeing the building collapse site as a new “Mecca”, Nigerians should channel their efforts in rehabilitating the survivors.

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