She’s popularly known as Lady K, but I call her Moremi- Ifadare

She was at Igboho’s house, streaming live, when Oloye Adeyemo Igboho’s house was invaded by the terrorist agents from the Fraudgerian Department of State.

Had Lady K not been streaming live that ugly day, the DSS agents would have assassinated everybody at Igboho’s house, burned the house down and made it look like it’s the work of unknown gunmen. Thanks to Eedua, Lady K’s camera was rolling live and; thus, captured their evil plan—the DSS operation failed woefully.

All the same, Lady K and 11 others were captured at Igboho’s house and detained by the DDS agents in Abuja. Having spent nearly 4 months in detention, Lady K was freed earlier, today.

Lady K is our hero.

No going back on Yoruba nation, Ifadare say’s.

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