We’ll Declare Biafra Republic If Nnamdi Kanu Not Released – Biafra National Guard

The Leader of Biafra National Guard (BNG) a Military Wing for the final push to restore The Sovereign State Of Biafra.

General Innocent N. Orji has given the world a preemptive warning to the global community European Union (EU), African Union (AU), United Nations (UN), United States Of America (USA), United Kingdom (UK), Common Wealth, ECOWAS, Federal Government of Nigeria and President Muhammadu Buhari that the deadline given to them to release all the prisoners of Conscience in Onitsha and Awka prisons respectively hard long passed since May 30, 2021 and that the consequence of making empty his demands remains the abolishment of Anambra State Election come November 6, 2021.

“I gave out a note of warning to the Anambra State Government and the Federal Government respectively and gave May 30, 2021 as the deadline to release the 19 Biafra Activists held for about 16 years now without hearing”.

BNG “Biafra National Guard (BNG) the Biafra Armed Forces shall make sure that Anambra State Election does not hold irrespective of how many millions of Police officers and Military jet fighters deployed for the November 6, 2021”.

Speaking with reporters through his Spokesperson Mazi Agwu Francis, General Orji said that, “Biafra National Guard (BNG) will declare Biafra a Free Independent State come October 30th if the Federal Government of Nigeria refuses to release the Radio BIAFRA Director, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu on the date of his next court hearing”.

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