It Is Time For Arewa, Biafra Go Their Separate Ways – Tukur Danmu’azu

I believe Igbo should have their Biafra because I find no single positive reason why we must live as one nation while other people closer to us than the Igbo are having separate nations.
As a man without colonial mentality, I do not allow colonial hangover to becloud my reason.

There is already Biafra. No Hausa/Fulani dares dream of going to the east for whatever reason. So where is the one Nigeria?
Is it not better to make the separation formal so that we can trade freely and and even send ambassadors?
Can’t you see how we ralate with Niger Republic, Cameroon, Ghana, Chad and Benin Republic?
We related with some of them for ages even before we know the Igbo.
What is wrong if strangers, Igbos, have their seprate nation like our old friends in Niger Rep, Ghana, Chad etc do?

For a hundred years past, we have lived in mutual suspicion and bitterness with these strangers, sometimes leading to carnage.
Why must we live as some dead colonial masters wanted us to live?
Only truth can solve this problem not a python [dance] and not a civil war mentality. We, the Hausa/Fulani, are already the victims of this profitless irrational one Nigeria. Countless Hausa/Fulani people have died like dogs, unmourned, uncompensated for, unavenged. Why must we accept economic blockade and massacres in the name of a fictional arrangement ?
What is our gain and what is our profit ?
Northern muslims have never met with disaster in all of their history that consumes more blood, that destroys livelihood, that poisons the pyschic like one Nigeria. I care more for my people than Nigeria. I do not see Nigeria as worth the death and continuous humiliation of my people.

We lack everything because of one Nigeria. Our markets are not ours. Our banks are not ours. Our telecommunitionbusiness are not ours. Our schools are not ours. Our foreign scholarship are not ours. We have no control over anything except our mouths that we are forced to shut up.
We are the poorest in all developemental indices in Africa because we gave up everything to one ungrateful Nigeria.
We must resist the false suggestion of greedy thieves posing as our leaders whose only vision is to own a mansion in Dubai.
Neither shall we fall for the error of old men dreaming of past personal glory.

Let us reassess our condition rationally and boldly. Let us define the direction of our own future. Let us choose what we believe is the best for us and our children and fight for it.
We and our youth must think for ourselves and give direction to our history. The world has changed and so we must change. We are not less than 90 million in population. We are the largest black nation on earth even without Nigeria. We must never remain stagnant and blinded by fake arrangement.

Colonial nation states arrangement like Nigeria are fast losing relevence. The world is dealing in regions made up of real mutually compatible groups of people. Every great compatible group of people are striving to be truly represented in regions.
Each mutually compatible people wish to, directly without acrimonious hindrance, exploit the opportunity offered by regionally organised globalized world. Each also wishes to enrich the world and preserve their common heritage.This is the reason for anti-colonial self determination struggles across the globe from Europe to Asia and from Australia to Americas. The Igbos had travelled and mingled among free nations. No power on earth will stop them from dancing in the rising sun of growing freedom of people away from the stagnant historical dustbin of nation statism.

They want to face the world on their own terms.
We, on our part, must not continue to be victims of shortsighted local helmsmen who cannot think beyond what those dead imperial masters had ordained by force of arms. If our parents were ruled by them, we must never accept their ghosts to rule us via greedy hosts.
Ninety million people are by far larger than 60% of individual nations in the world. We will not be the poorest. We will not be the weakest. We will not be isolated. Infact, we will be the biggest in Africa and among the richest. So why all the self imprisonment in an old moribund, no longer safe and no longer relevant Nigeria ? Every wise man when given the choice of saving the house or the family, would certainly choose to save the family. So I choose my people. I want them to be free anywhere in the world including in Biafra, and I want them to be in control of what is theirs at home. So I choose my people.

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