The World failed Me, Naomi Mourns Madam Mary Ogaga

I want to be really sure that you’ve gone to meet your maker before I post anything about your death. I have left so many comments on people’s post that your account was hacked, and that you’re still much alive. Today! I got the true confirmation of your death from your daughters through my friend and a sister.

Mummy Mary Ogaga I am short of words. I don’t know what to say because, I spoke with you few days ago before my brothers birthday. I don’t believe you’re no more, but I give God the grace for the the power of resurrection after Death on the last day.

Rest In Peace Madam Mary Ogaga

Mummy, journey well. May God grant you eternal rest and may you continue to be at peace with your maker, till we shall all see again and depart no more, Amen. I miss you loads. Thanks for celebrating me , my Children and my family during your life time.

Adieu Mama.

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