Bandits kidnapping nurses to treat those injured in their camps – Kaduna House Of Representatives

Bandits recently abducted two nurses in Kaduna.

A member of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Barde (PDP, Kaduna), says bandits are abducting health workers to serve as health personnel in their camps.

He said the health personnel recently abducted in Kaduna are now treating wounded bandits.

The lawmaker said the recent abduction of two nurses at the leprosy hospital in the state was part of the new strategy by the bandits.

Mr Barde, who represents Chikun/Kajuru federal constituency of Kaduna State, stated this while briefing journalists on Tuesday in Abuja.

He lamented the incessant abduction in his constituency.

He disclosed that the families of the two abducted nurses informed him that bandits are not willing to release the them nurses, but are instead planning to keep them to serve as medical personnel.

“I have visited the families, and from their conversations with the abductors, they told them they have gotten staff, that they are never going to release them, they have gotten staff—that those nurses will be working for them, to treat their wounded members—who are wounded in the battle with the military. So the hope of them coming back……I don’t know what kind of magic can bring them back.”

He added that, “Honestly, the government has failed in terms of providing security for my constituents.”

The lawmaker also urged the government to seek the help of developed nations to combat general insecurity in the country.

Motion in the House.
Earlier, Mr Barde had moved a motion of matter of urgent public importance on the recent kidnapping in the state.

He disclosed that the Kaduna State Government already closed 13 schools in the state in the face of incessant kidnapping by bandits.

The lawmaker informed the House of the kidnapping of 140 students at the Bethel Baptist High School in Chikun Local Government Area of the state.

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