My Soul Fear No Evil , For God Is With Me In Jesus Name

Whatever that is constantly putting the fear of danger or death of any member of your family in your heart is cancelled today by the Blood of Jesus.

May the finish work of the people of the occult to harm or take away the life of any of your loved ones be aborted in Jesus name.

The Lord Almighty will inspire and assure you of your safety and your people in Jesus name.

You will walk in the assurance of God’s protection in Jesus mighty name.

May the Lord who made you for His pleasure finds pleasure in you today and do you good in Jesus name.

God will forgive your sins and give you another opportunity to rise again in Jesus name.

You shall be positioned in the place that will make men honor you, may your fame be heard among your envious enemies and be noised abroad that God has finds pleasure in you in Jesus mighty name.
Good morning and enjoy Godly compassion.

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