Twitter Must Pay Compensation For the Loss of 37 Police, 5 Soldiers and 57 Civilians During #EndSARS – Lai Mohammed.

Buhari’s government disagreement with Twitter is not abating, as Nigeria is considering asking for compensation from the US based microblogging company.

Alhaji Lai Mohammed said that Twitter’s CEO retweeted some of the #Endsars protest posts and assisted the protesters by raising Bitcoins.
“We have forgotten that EndSARS led to the loss of lives, including 37 policemen, six soldiers, 57 civilians while property worth billions of naira were destroyed.

The notorious Information Minister added that “164 police vehicles and 134 police stations were razed to the ground, 265 private corporate organisation were looted while 243 public property were looted.

“81 warehouses were looted while over 200 brand new buses bought by Lagos State Government were burnt to ashes.’’

“Twitter has become a platform of choice for a particular separatist (Biafra) promoter.

“The promoter (Nnamdi Kanu) consistently used the platform to direct his loyalists to kill Nigerian soldiers and policemen, run-down INEC offices and destroy all symbols of Nigeria’s sovereignty.

Every attempt to persuade Twitter to deny its platform to Nnamdi Kanu was not taken seriously,’’ Lai Mohammed added.

He concluded that these are the reason Twitter was banned and now Nigeria will ask them for compensation.

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