TwitterBan: If They Want To Arrest, Let Them Start With Us -Rep Member

A member of the House of Representatives, Ben Igbakpa, has said that if the Federal Government insists on carrying out its threat to arrest and prosecute those still using Twitter despite its suspension, then it should start with the opposition lawmakers.

Igbakpa was one of the lawmakers who walked out of parliament on Tuesday, after the Speaker, Femi Gbajabiamila failed to grant their prayers on the #TwitterBan.

Tweeting after the incident, Igbakpa said, “We reached the unfortunate juncture where party politics overtook the sanctity of national interest and objective leadership in @HouseNGR. As representatives of our people, we are disappointed that our privileges are suppressed in favour of executive impunity. We walked out today.

“We have to #KeepitOn. I never stopped using Twitter because I recognized it is a violation of my right as a person. #TwitterbaninNigeria is a demonstration of the height of the shortcoming of the executive.”

In response to a tweet, he added, “If they want to arrest, let them start with us.”

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