Read Ahmed Gulak Last Words On The Controversial Imo APC Governorship Election.

“I don’t have any regret over any action I took during the primaries I conducted in Imo State. I don’t expect Okorocha to be happy with me either because I did not go to Imo to make him happy anyway. I went there to do my job and I did it to be best of my knowledge and ability, notwithstanding the tempting offer I got, but refused. I can walk the streets of Imo State, including Owerri with my shoulders high. I may not be perfect as a human being, but I did not go there to make him happy. Somebody who offered me up to $2 million to give certificate of return to his nominee, but I turned it down. How many people can turn such offer down? I would have given him the certificate and pocketed my money because it is money that you don’t go to court to retrieve, but my conscience will not be clear. For now, my conscience is very clear. I can move the streets of Owerri unmolested. Although it is over now, however, I can tell you that APC destroyed itself in Imo State. This is story for another day.”

Sadly, he couldn’t walk the streets of Owerri alive! He shouldn’t have come into Imo at such a time as this.
May his soul rest in perfect peace.

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