Security: Fulani Coming To Live In Kano Must Have A Resident Permit- Police Commissioner

Kano State Commissioner Of Police Announces That Any Fulani Coming To The State Must Now Obtain A Letter Permit From The Police In The State They Are Coming From, Or Will Be Stopped And Sent Back To Wherever They Came From

The Kano State Commissioner of Police, Sama’ila Dikko, has on Wednesday, said that all Fulani herdsmen entering the State henceforth, must get clearance from the Police Command of the State where they are leaving for Kano, Page 36 learnt.

Addressing Journalists shortly after an emergency Security meeting with Heads of Security Agencies in the State, at his office, Dikko said that any Fulani herdsman that enters Kano State without a clearance, would be turned back immediately.

He maintained that the decision is part of the Security arrangements that have been made by the Command, in a bid to maintain peace and security in the State.

His words: “Today, in the morning, I had a meeting with the Leaders of Fulanis. There are two issues here, Fulanis who are now coming in with their cattle and what have you… So, when we heard about that information, we discussed it with other Security Agencies.

“At the meeting I had in my office this morning with Leaders of Fulanis from Kaduna, Katsina, and Jigawa, I asked them to give us whatever information to block whoever that is coming in without necessary authorisation from the Police of the State they are coming from.

“So, there must be a sort of letter, showing that they are coming to Kano from that State. So, anyone who comes without clearance from our Police formations, from the State they are coming from, will definitely be stopped and turned back to where they came from.

“We will not accept anybody coming here illegally. We may not know the kind persons they are. They may be criminals. They may be bandits or other bad people. So, we will not accept it here in Kano.”

The Commissioner of Police also reaffirmed the commitment of the Command in providing adequate security to all citizens and foreigners residing in the State.

He maintained that the Command is working tirelessly in ensuring synergy with other Security Agencies in Kano, towards ensuring maximum security of lives and property.

The Commissioner noted that they mapped out Security strategies towards ensuring security of Expatriates who are conducting legitimate businesses in the State.

He noted that Kano being the commercial nerve centre of Northern Nigeria, has over 5,000 Expatriates residing in the State, for business and other related matters.

Dikko also said that the Command would soon start arresting Blacksmiths who produce and sell dangerous weapons, such as cutlasses, machetes, swords, and knives, to thugs.

He warned that any Blacksmith found wanting, will be charged with aiding thuggery.

The Police Commissioner added that the Command has concluded arrangements of expanding the anti-Daba Unit, with the sole aim of curtailing thuggery in the State.

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