Ungrateful People: We Protected You During Civil War, Now We Are Subjected To Maltreatment In Your Region”- Ganduje Blasts Southern Governors

Kano State Governor, Abdullahi Ganduje has condemned how the Southern Governors banned open grazing in their region, stressed that the North protected them during the civil war, but they are paying back by maltreating the herdsmen in the south.

Ganduje stated this while receiving the Emir of Kano Aminu Ado Bayero on a Sallah traditional Hawan Nassarawa at the Government House in Kano State.

He further explained that open grazing is an outdated way of rearing cattle which has bred poverty and it’ s no longer accepted but the way the Southern Governors approached the issue is not acceptable.

He said, ” It is true that the oldest mood of cattle movement from one end to another, rather breed poverty and is no longer tenable.

” However, the way and manner Fulani herders are been subjected to untold maltreatment and agony in the Southern part of this country are not acceptable and this should change because they are equally Nigerians, who have rights of living anywhere.

” I recall how late Emir of Kano Ado Bayero, protected none indigents during the civil war, and for those who fled Kano living behind their properties everything was duly protected by the Emir including rents money realized was given to them when they returned back. “

Recall that the Governors from the Southern part of Nigeria have been attacked by many politicians after calling on President Muhammadu Buhari to ban open grazing in their region due to the security challenges caused by the herdsmen.
According to the Senate President, the Governors should provide solutions to the problems in their respective states before accusing the federal government of any wrongdoing.
He said, ” We are all leaders and we are in this together, the solutions must come from us regardless of what levels of leadership we are– whether at the Federal Level, State Level or even at the Local Government level.
” I also want to take this opportunity to say that we have diminished the local government system. I think we can attribute the security issues to the absence of a Functional Local Government System. “

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