As Iniobong Umoren Is Burried: A Message To the Youths By FR A.N Abiagom CM

To say I am just getting to know of your murder will be a big fat lie. Why the world has not heard from me until now is because my fingers have been so heavy to put down my thoughts on the evil that an innocent looking young man did to you.

First of all, I wish to thank you for the discipline that saw you through school. Also, you were an industrious fellow. Although I never knew you in person until death made you famous; reports note that you went in search of a job but unfortunately met death.

Late Ini

Am sorry for what a fellow youth did to you. In fact his action made me dumb for a while after reading of your death. On this day of your funeral my fingers became light and so I write to youths to share an important message on your behalf.

Dear youths, it is true that life is difficult for many of us economically . Thus, alot of us go about looking for “who will cut soap for us.” However, not every soap is good for the skin. Unfortunately, many youths now bathe with the soap of wickedness.

Imagine Akpan and his good looks. I wonder how it feels for him killing people and selling their body parts to some politicians, prophets and prophetesses as he confessed. Can you now see, that the worst terrorists live among us as friends, neighbours, and leaders.

Alledged killer of Ini

I am very sure Akpan is not the only one involved in the blood business. Several youths today are living large upon human blood. Let the death of Iniobong be a message of repentance to such ones.

Please be careful. We live in the most perilous times in our society. Do not go to where you do not know. Watch your back as you go out and come back home. Be mindful of whom you give your trust because the desire to be rich without genuine efforts has turned many into devils.

There are many prophets in our society today. But I tell you without mincing words, 90% of them are false. While some are mere trick stars, the rest are ritualists. Please mindful of the Churches you attend and those you call your prophets or prophetesses.

You can now see why it is bad to rig elections and sell your civic rights over a thousand naira to bring a ritualist to power. How could men and women who should be rich in political ideologies for the development of the nation be customers to a business man who sells human parts?

At this point, I lack further words to say. May the soul of Hiny Iniobong Umoren and the souls of all the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace.

Can justice allow the world to know the customers of Akpan???

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