The take of Chief Sunday Adeyemo Igboho concerning the order of the Federal Government which implies that any one found with AK47 should be shot dead by Olayomi Koiki


From left Koiki, Imam, Chief Sunday Igboho and friend

This statement is released by the Spokeman to Chief Sunday Adeyemo Igboho in person of Mr Olayomi Koiki.

Chief Sunday Adeyemo Speech
My name is Chief Sunday Adeyemo whom everyone knows as Igboho Oosa. Prior to the order of president Mohammadu Buhari concerning those herding their cows with AK47.
We are very happy for the presidential order. If not for the noise we have been making, it is not that the cattle herders just started using AK47 to ranch their cows, kidnapp people and killing them, but we thank God that our Cry is being heard and proven positive.
My very advice goes to the Police, DSS, Nigerian Army, Civil Defence that has received the order from the federal government to kill anyone with AK47. We are happy about it, but I want you all that have received the order to know that Sheu Gumi has shown you all the hide-out of bandits. The president haven’t ordered you to carry this operations our based focusing on one tribe.
The presidential order is not for you to face the Southerners and Easterners alone and start killing people. Very importantly, it is not that you will see our Fathers and brothers heading to their farmlands with double barrel or Single barrel for self protection and then you open fire on them, setting them up with the said gun AK47 making a lie report that you caught them with it. We plead to the Police , DSS, Nigeria Army and all not to do such a deceptive thing. Kindly carry out the operation you have been ordered to do. Sheu Gumi has given you the very location and hide- out of the bandits, that is where we want you to face. Do not carry out your operations while making our people the victim of your operations that when you sight them with their local guns, you shoot them dead and then set them up with AK47.

If such attempt is carried out, it would be a thing of regret. I plead to you not to try such thing.

I am giving out this message on behalf of all Yoruba Sons and daughters in the land and diaspora. I plead again, it shouldn’t be a thing that you will see our Fathers and brothers on their way to their farmlands with their local barrel, or you make a search to their respective houses, then set them up with AK47. The order is not to focus on the Southern and Eastern tribes than the others. Please, do good to carry the orders wisely.

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