Supporters Launch N51.8million Fundraiser For Igboho, Raise N4.8million In 18 Hours

It’s very obvious that the Yourba race are no longer interested in the County call Nigeria, and they are doing all their possible best to break out of Nigeria and create their own ODUDUWA REGION as a result to the killing, kidnapping, rapping and height of criminal activities by the BORORO and FULANI HERDSMEN.

The supporters of Igboho in diaspora came out in one voice and lunch a fundraising campaign to provide amenities that people will use to provide security for their people in their community. A total sun of 4.8 million was raised in less than 18 hours of the campaign.

Though Sunday Igboho had earlier requested for buses to aid in transporting his men from one place to another, during a virtual town hall meeting on Wednesday.

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