See the reason why Yoruba supported Sunday Igboho, but ignored Sowore.

Sunday Ignoho and Sowore are from the same Yoruba region, but one is supporting Nigeria while the other one is supporting independent Yoruba Country.

The fact is that 90% Yoruba no more has interest in Nigeria, and therefore supports anyone who will champion the campaign for Yoruba Nation

Sunday Igboho is doing exactly what the Yoruba wants. I mean the real yoruba people, not politicians.

Meanwhile, Sowore from the same region is in support for Nigeria govt. His support for Nigeria has brought him into so many problems so much that he was imprisoned and beaten up by the same Nigeria Govt.

Yoruba people has ignored Sowore and told him he should face alone whatever that comes his way.

Come to think of Sunday Igboho, despite going against Nigeria Law/Constitution, he still has the supports of his people. Even some Monarchs, traditionalist etc in Yorubaland prayed and supported him. Sunday was able to control crowd both physically and on social media.. It is easy to know peoples choice.

Sunday also has supports from some politicians, none yorubas etc because they knew he was fighting a good fight for his people without minding the consequences.

Now, what lesson have you learnt from this? To me, I think the best support you can have in life starts from your own people.

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