I am not a coward for not speaking about the action of Sunday Igboho in Ibarapa since last three days- Gani Adams

My silence in the last three days doesn’t portray me as a coward, but by virtue of my position as the Aareonakakanfo of Yorubaland, I am bounded by my conscience and conviction to act accordingly when the time is right. And I must also consult widely before taking any action”

“What Igboho said was not even as damaging to the sanctity of the nation than the call for civil war by the ACF and the Miyetti Allah put together.The killer herdsmen are the major problem, but sadly the Federal Government remains silent”

Sunday Igboho

“There are reports that the Fulani herdsmen have, in the past five years, killed over 300 Yoruba people from different communities while several other people have been kidnapped with abductors paying several billions as ransom
-Iba Gani Adams (The Aare ọna Kakanfo of Yoruba land).

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