Daily Devotional today 23rd January 2021: Generate Creative Ideas.

“I wisdom dwell with prudence, and find out knowledge of witty inventions.”
Proverbs 8:12 (KJV)

Dearly beloved, you need to understand that you have all it takes to generate creative ideas in your world because you have the mind of Christ. That means you can think and generate ideas and solutions just like Jesus did. Jesus was never stranded because He had an answer for every challenge that confronted Him. He knew exactly what to do when every other person could not see the way out and the same applies to you.

Therefore, I challenge you to begin to think differently. Remember that ideas are generated in your mind. So, begin in your mind to see solutions where others see problems. Remember also that you are different, so you need to change your thought pattern from problems to solutions. See yourself operating from an elevated perspective. See yourself as a solution provider and pretty soon, things around you will begin to change for the better. Don’t assume that creativity is the prerogative of some other people. You have what it takes by virtue of your new birth. Begin today to think about what you can do to improve your job, business or even marriage. Always ask what more can I do to improve my situation?

Every product is a function of good thinking. So, if you can change your thought pattern, then you can generate the right ideas for every area of your life. The challenge you are going through right now can change if you can just think creatively. That product you have been trying so hard to market for instance can suddenly get ‘universal appeal’ if you would just introduce good packaging.

The list of the great potentials that God has placed inside of you is endless. Step out and take your world by storm. This land will answer to you. Evil will bow before you and the wicked shall bow at your gates. What the devil meant for evil, God is turning for your good in this season.

Further Reading: Romans 8:1-19, Philippians 4:13
Daily Bible Reading: Morning- Exodus 7-8/ Evening- Matthew 15:1-20

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