An Epic ODUDUWA NATION Rally Holds soon-Sunday Igboho Declared .

After the visit of the Royal Father to His Villa yesterday, Chief Sunday Igboho makes it know to the entire Yoruba people that he remains committed to the actualization of ODUDUWA NATION.
He stated that Yoruba land must be liberated and the time is now while encouraging the entire Yoruba Citizens to prove themselves by coming out enmass to support the proposed Rally which it’s date would be announced soon….

The Royal Fathers pledged their unalloyed support to the struggle of Chief Sunday Igboho in ensuring that the ODUDUWA NATION is granted….

The rally which is scheduled to hold soon would be announced any moment from now…..

Received in audience:
His Royal Majesty, Oba Abdul-Rasaq Olanbiwoninu Abiola Esan OMIRIN 1 .(The Onileegbo of Ile-Egbo Kingdom Ijesha), Oba Arigbabuwo Adekunle (The Onilalupon of Lalupon) accompanied by Otunba Tesleem Adeniyi and Chief Hajji Zuma Ajibola Esan ( The Bobajiroro of Osan Ekiti)…

Compiled by:
Omiyale Ademola
Eniola Mathew.


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