I’m sorry for not sharing COVID-19 palliatives to you —Governor Ayade begs people of Cross River

After discovery of wharehouses where COVID-19 palliatives were kept and not distributed to the people as sent by the Federal Government, youths in Cross River State break into the wharehouses and carted away all items.

The rampaging youths encroached into other areas of public and private business concerns and destroyed public utilities and looted goods in shops, malls and in markets.

Perceiving the wild spread of vandalism in the State, Governor Ben Ayade publicly begged the people of Cross River State to forgive him for withholding their entitlement.

Hear him:

“Please we have learnt our lessons, give us the opportunity to make amends. No human is perfect. What ever your concerns are, please let the spirit of Cross River take over. I plead with you using the blood of Jesus that please let us forgive each other and come together as a State”.

Prof. Sen. Benedict Ayade
Governor, Cross River State.

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