Nigerians must know this by Atiku Abubaka.

Nigerians must know this!

Every Nigerian life matters. Any system or institution that has no value for human life’s is irrelevant. To every Nigerians out there who lost dear ones as a result of #EndSARS police brutality, as well as those who were injured and also lost their life’s during a peaceful protest while expressing their pains and displeasure in governance as a civil liberty of every citizens in Nigeria.

On the present situations of our country and the lives we live as a community and people. Accept my profound and heartfelt sympathies for your losses. A season such as this only offers opportunity for sober reflection on the part of leaders and the led.

As we all condemn in the strongest terms the callous, wanton and brutality on citizens by #EndSARS towards citizens as seen on videos all over the media space.

We all believe that there is no cause that could justify the torture and torment of innocent protesters, protesting for the betterment of our democracy.

What we are witnessing today, should not lead to retaliatory actions in which more and more innocent citizens will suffer. Also It should not lead to the erosion of confidence in our society and government, setting the stage for anarchy.

This is precisely the time for our support for Nigerian youths to be at its strongest without any delay.

We call on every youths without bias for religion or ethnicity to be good, kind and supportive of one another in this very difficult time irrespective of our jobs, our service in government position as force or military personal e.t.c it doesn’t matter, be your brothers and sisters keeper as one Nigerians with one mother.

We must urge ourselves for greater respect and love for each other for the sanctity of life and differences in culture and religion.

However, those who emerged as leaders in this great Nation should be fully obliged to account for their stewardship to every human life’s in this great country knowing fully well that they can be put out of office if they have failed.

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