PRESS STATEMENT: Concerned Nigerians Group calls on US, UK & EU to issue visa ban on IGP, DG SSS, Buratai if protesters are harassed and arrested tomorrow

We call on the US, UK and the EU to issue visa ban against the Inspector General of Police, Director General of SSS, Chief of Army Staff, other heads or security agencies or any State Commissioner of Police, Director of SSS or Army Commandant at the state levels who oversees the clampdown on protesters tomorrow.

It is no longer news that Nigeria is increasingly becoming a repressive state, and the security agencies have surrendered their constitutional responsibility and made themselves a tool in the hands of the government. These security agencies have criminalized the act of protest, an otherwise constitutional right, in an attempt to shield the government of the day from criticism.

Sadly, the Nigerian judiciary has not been able to stand up and be counted. The citizens are, therefore, left at the mercy of state actors who have developed the penchant for indiscriminately arresting protesters.

As members of the civil societies get ready to lead a citizen movement against bad governance in Nigeria, tomorrow, it is imperative to call on the United States of America, United Kingdom and the European Union to place visa ban on any member of the security agency who makes himself available to the government of the day, tomorrow, for the purpose of suppressing the protesters. This visa ban should equally be extended to their family members.

This call is made with deep sense of responsibility, as it appears that the only wedge between state actors in Nigeria and totally authoritarianism is visa ban.

Comrade Deji Adeyanju

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